Q-Tech Base.

Level: Pregusia

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

Jmp/roll as soon as you can and grab the edge of the slope, go L and drop to the safe floor below, grab the MS to go to the CS, follow to a higher duct, L is a duct that is electrified, so go R for now, open the hatch and drop into the 1st Store room, S is a closed door, go E to 2nd Store room, shoot the Guard and find a closed door with Card reader, get up on a crate and open a hatch in the ceiling, follow to the L, up the ladder, open the hatch and drop into a Ctrl room. A closed door, 2 buttons, one will open the door in the 1st Store room, the other shuts off the power at the electrified passage near the start and covered switch. The hatch in the floor is a shortcut to the passage below.

The Standard Key Card, Guns Room Card, Card to the Warehouse and Crowbar.

Go back to the 1st store room and into that open door, go on the top level to the far corner desk and get the Guns Room Card, then open a door in the lower room and get the Desert Eagle from the Guns Room. Go to the 1st Store room and up the hatch to the 1st duct, straight to the electrified passage and take the L side, in the water at the dead end is the Standard Key Card. Head back to the 2nd Store room and open the N door with that Card, go in and L, shoot the Thug and go down the passage past the elevator, shoot the resistance and go into the R hand room, shoot the Thugs and grab the Ammo, look on the brown desk for the Crowbar, go E and shoot a Thug here and there, one drops a ½ MP and another some Ammo, go up the ladder, shoot a Thug and follow the passage to into the R hand blue door to the toilets, open the hatch in the ceiling and follow the duct to the Card to the Warehouse. Check out the dormitory near the toilets for a MP and Ammo and go up the N steps at the toilets and shoot all the Thugs, get a ½ MP and some Flares for the trouble and open a door with your Standard Card after you shot some Thugs in the room W. Go in the door, it’s a shortcut to the Ctrl room.

The Missing Wire.

Go out to the 1st Store room, up in the duct to the electrified passage and R this time. Open a grating in the wall with the Crowbar and open the hatch behind it, drop into another Store room, a closed door here we’ll get to later, go up the passage to a Ctrl room, shoot the Thug and grab the ½ MP, we’re finished here for now, this was only to open up an exit for later. Go back to the 2nd Store room, into N door and now R/L to a Shark-tank, open a door L and go to a room with a Thug and some Lasers in a side passage, look for the hatch in the duct and go in on N side, follow to a grating, overlooking a store room, shoot it out and go pull a crate from the corner under the duct to find the Missing Wire. Return to the Shark-tank and go R, straight and to the Loading Dock. Up in the Ctrl room to use the Standard Card. A door opens, which will be an exit for later.

Get back to the Loading dock and climb into the alcove in the grey wall at the pool and do a runjmp/grab to the plate in the crane (I didn’t manage this jmp, so used DOZY to get over there.) Well… you sneaky Pregusia, seems you don’t have to do that jmp, the other side of the pool looks too high to climb. But it isn’t, just swim over and climb out!!!!

The Warehouse.

Go down and over the crates, shoot Dog and Thug, open the door to the Warehouse and go down, shoot the Thug coming from the Ctrl room R and go up some high crates for a MP and Flares. Look for the Fusebox on N wall to open a door in the NW pit when you place the Missing Wire. Be sure to have full health before you safety-drop down into the pit. Jmp into the Store room N and go to the corner, where a Thug and his Dog will attack, find a closed door there and look up over the light coloured wooden crate to find the hatch (for later) and proceed to the R and to a small Store room, in one of the corners is a sloped passage, in another a crate to be pulled from the Electricity Room Card. Go back out and into the S passage near the hatch, R and use the Card in the Reader, the cover from the switch in the Ctrl room opens. Go back, shoot the Thugs that came out and go up the hatch, S and follow the duct to a Crowbar grating L, go around to a ladder, climb it and backflip into the duct, follow to a drop and pick up the Lasersight. Follow the duct.

Drop from the end of this duct to a walkway over Lava, go down the walkway and into the Ctrl room R at the closed door to get some Ammo, go out, up the walkway and follow the yellow passage to a door you opened before, it’s in the store room at the electrified passage. Make your way back to 2nd Store room and up to the Ctrl room to throw the switch, the Lasers are off. Go to 2nd Store room, out N door to the Shark tank and L, up to the room with the Laser passage. You’ll end up in the Reactor room.

The Reactor Room.

Far R is a closed door, go L for now and follow the walkway along the wall to a broken part past the pipe, jmp over and grab the white pipe R, shimmy l to the end and drop on the ledge, go into the rooms, shoot the Thug and get the Ammo, follow the rooms to a room with an opened door in the far corner, go in and shoot a Dog behind you, in the next room is a switch on a pipe block, throw it and go on, you’ll come out of that closed door in the Reactor room and get a cutscene of a passage where a burner was before, from the walkway, jmp/grab to the Reactor and go shimmy R around the corner. Pull up in the passage you saw and go down. Follow the duct to a slide, shoot the grating in front and slide a bit, jmp/grab up into the CS for a Secret, Ammo and a MP.

The Offices Card.

Climb back out and slide, there’s a flatter ledge R, just in the room, jmp to it and runjmp/grab up to the thin ledge with the Burner, jmp up into the alcove over the Burner and grab the MS to go the opposite wall, drop/grab the crack and go to the duct R. Open the hatch and drop into the Toilets, go out and L to shoot a couple of Thugs and get a ½ MP in the Cantina, go into an office n of the Kitchen and cantina and get the Offices card from the desk. Go back and past the toilets to the Billiards room, shoot the Thug and go out S and L, shoot the Thug and get a MP, Flares and Ammo on a desk, go into the other side passage and shoot the Thug, go L and come out at the Warehouse.

Go up the hatch and follow the ducts to the place where you got the Lasersight. Go back through the electrified passage to the 2nd Store room, to the Shark-tank and open the R hand door with your new Card.

Enter to end the level…

(I think, why the Lasersight and the many still closed doors, what did I miss?)