Green Secret.

Level: Tanne.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

crawlspace= crawlspace, monkeyswing= monkeyswing, UW= underwater.

 I will of course have forgotten to mention a few smaller enemies.

Green Secret. (part 1)

The Jungle.

 As you drop onto the slope, you immediately have to jump/grab the ladder in the vines in front, climb up with Lara’s waist on the level of the Flares on the ledge R and backflip without a roll to land on a flat ledge, go to the Flares and shoot the Bat, climb up the ladder (L) in the shaft over the Flares and in the room on top is some Ammo and a Jumpswitch in the SW corner, the switch will open a wall in front of a lever, shoot the Bats and go down to the slopes again, from the R side of the ledge you backflipped to, just slide and you will land on a flat part of a tree, turn R and jump to the branch on E wall, inside the alcove is a lever, which will release a Boulder in an UW tunnel.

 Dive into the pool below and get some Flares in the SW corner, swim N and into a small tunnel behind the rock, go R and over the hole the Boulder went in, follow the tunnel to a cave holding Secret #1, the Uzis and a Medipack. Go back through the tunnel and straight at the Boulder, underneath a low rock and R into another tunnel, the current will eventually take you to a pool area. Swim R and into the SE corner, climb out on a low ledge and go up to the highest ledge on the S wall, go L and at the end of the ledge, you can jump/grab up to the monkeyswing, follow L to the end of it at a tree along the E wall and drop, stand back and L at the sloped part and jump/grab the higher ledge in the tree, go forward to a sloped higher ledge just in front of a Spike trapped set of Bones and grab the monkeyswing, go forward to the end and R, drop and get the Goodies, go back with the monkeyswing to the sloped ledge you came from and dive into the pool below, swim to the W side and climb onto a low ledge there. Climb the rocks to go to an alcove in the NW corner and get a Small Medipack, Flares and some Bats. Go down to the water and climb the rock in the pool in the NW, look for the opening in the Vines of the N wall and jump in there.

(the Shotgun had to be here in the Jungle somewhere, if you happen to know where, please let me know)

Native village.

A big Scorp is running around here, you can shoot it or just run away from it for a while, as it will kill a bunch of Natives for you. (At least that’s what happened for me) There’s some Ammo in the NW, when you take it a Native will come out of the hut, run to the SE and next to the campfire, you can shoot the vase and get the Small Mp fast, run about for a bit and my Scorp killed at least 4 Natives before I got onto the SE hut, by climbing up the roof from the front end and finished the Scorp off from the roof. Look for the Jumpswitch on the S wall over the hut and use it to open a trapdoor. Shoot the Bat and go to the NE, in the next foggy Cave is a Swamp.

The Swamp.

When you stand in the water, in the reed plant L of the bush, you can walk slowly to the plants in the NE corner till you stand between the plants there, look with the Binocs into the next Cave and see one more plant and a ladder under the trapdoor you opened before, when you walk (slow) in a straight line through the plant to the ladder, you should be able to make it. Climb up and walk forward into the alcove in the tree house, climb up and get a screenshot of the “Hand” in an UW tunnel.

In and around the Tree house Pool.

Turn around and jump to the roof of the tree house, shoot the Bat and go to the NW corner, in that corner on the leaves of the trees, is some Ammo, jump there and from that ledge you can let yourself drop into a cave next to the tree house, there’s a passage in the NW corner you can crawl in and get some more Ammo in the end, go back and to the dark passage SE, leading to a pool. Climb up the higher ledge R and jump to the rock under the tree with the lantern, climb up onto the tree from the other side and jump to the Crown of the tree S, walk over to the most SE point from where you can jump into the passage behind the waterfall, drop into the lower passage, shoot a Bat and follow through water, shoot a Native and look for the Jumpswitch in the passage past the Skeleton. Just run out of the passage here so you’ll slide down the waterfall and land in the tunnel at the Hand of Orion. Get it and follow the tunnel to where you are back in the pool, swim to the E and into the next cave.

The “Hands.”

Through the open gate in the end and E in the next cave, get out at the ledge with the 2 receptacles for the Hands, so we need one more. Hop on the NW block and runjump/grab the Jumpswitch on the Tree N, swim to the SW and shoot the Native on the ledge there. Hop on the block at the pole and jump/grab the Jumpswitch on the N tree and get back on the ledge, jump/grab the ladder on the S pillar and go up a bit, till you can see a ledge behind, backflip to it and hop on the higher block, runjump/grab the rope and turn R, aim for the lowest point of the branch and swing/jump to it, immediately jump to a ledge on E wall to get out of the way of the Boulders and don’t linger, go jump N over the ledges till you are past the one with the Bones. Look behind you to see why you had to be fast. Go on into the NE corner and follow the passage around a corner to a deep Canyon.

The deep Canyon.

No it isn’t water, drop/hang from the edge and shimmy R to an alcove where you can stand and turn, runjump to the pillar on E wall and pull the switch, (which will stop the Spikes at the Hand) on the lower ledge, runjump/grab to the W ridge and shimmy R to where you can climb up next to the hanging rock, jump into the NW corner to get Secret #2, Ammo and Medipack. Go forward and drop back into the bumpy passage, go back to the Pool.

The 2nd Hand.

From the rock ledge near the Bones, you can jump to the branch W and turn R, a runjump/grab to a green lower ledge (you can stand on the triangular L side) next to the alcove where you can see the fires and the “Hand”. Turn L and standjump/grab the rope from the closest corner, swing into the alcove and get the Hand of Sirius, runjump back with a L curve so you land on a green sloped ledge just outside this alcove. Look for the pushblock in the N wall, you can get a Torch inside, but you will find no fire to light it, just drop into the hole next to the Boulder and swim underneath it, this way it will be released and you can enter the passage it was protecting, climb back out at the Gates and onto the NW block, jump to the grey rock N and R of the Jumpswitch, jump into the dark corner and get into that passage, turn and jump-grab up into an alcove to get Secret #3, the Crossbow. Go back to the Gate and place both Hands, 1st the SW one then the NW one and a Native will attack, shoot him or just get the hell inside the Temple.

Inside The Temple.

Go into the gate and follow to a room with slopes, Spikes and Boulders, on the backside of the pillar right in front of the entrance is a Jumpswitch opposite the gate, Later!

Boulder Room.

Go up the steps to the S and go to the dark 1st floor centre of the room, jump to the slope R and go up, jump/grab the Boulder slope L, go up to the Boulder in the NE corner, stand on the ledge under it, on the side of the room and do a runjump to the centre Boulder slope on N wall, the NE Boulder will be released at the moment you jump from the corner (another Boulder hanging over the 1st Jumpswitch is released too). Go walk to the centre pillar and jump to the arch R of the pillar, jump to the Boulder slope on W wall and do the same again. Now follow the central slope down till you stand on that pillar with the 1st Jumpswitch, drop and grab it, stand still while the centre Boulder will open the gate behind you. Turn and go in, standjump to the break floor and runjump/grab the next part, runjump to safety and follow the passages up to a room with several gates and a pole.

Room with the Gates.

Go to the 1st gate L and spot the Jumpswitch L of it, go in and L, you can get those Flares if you’re fast, get them, backflip and sidejump L into the entrance, then run past the rolling Boulder to the L end of the passage and climb into the crawlspace up R, shoot a Bat and throw the 1st lever of 4, go out and to the opposite side, same thing, except for the Scorp that will come out, just run to the entrance and stand there shooting him. Throw the lever inside the passage he came out of, 2 more gates, same thing to do, now the trapdoor at the pole is open, go up to 1st floor and get the Small Medipack, go up to 2nd floor and get Ammo and the 1st Stone Mask.

 Go down the pole and into the gate next to it. On the bottom of the slide is a flat square, don’t touch that yet, a Boulder will squash you, you can run on and hop back from the edge fast, grabbing the edge and wait till the Boulder settles, or hop on backwards and jump forward to one of the slopes next to the one you came down from and hang from that one till the Boulder stops and then shimmy to the flat square, stand on the bottom of the slope and standjump over, jump when you land on a slope below and grab the passage in front. Follow to a water room; grab the Ammo, Flares and  Small Medipack from the bottom and runjump/grab to the centre structure, runjump over to one of the higher ledges on the other side and jump/grab up to the 1st floor, get the 2nd Stone Mask and the gates in the wall will open. Jump/grab in and get some Flares in the NE. In the centre trench is a tunnel, save there and follow the tunnel to where you come to a long water filled trench (if you have enough air, take the Small Medipack near the fore last corner or go back for it) Swim N a bit and climb out at the low ledge, drop back into the Boulder room. (There are 2 Golden gates in this trench; they are not supposed to be opened)

Boulder Room. (2nd part)

Go up both Boulder slopes, NW and NE, place the 2 Stone Masks in the alcoves the Boulders were hiding, the gate up in the S opens up. Go in and follow to a room with a breaktile in the floor and a door on the opposite side (couldn’t open this one, later I heard it is supposed to be like this) drop through the break floor and runjump/grab the crack R of you, go L till you can pull up in the crawlspace, follow to the end to reach Part 2.

Green Secret. (part 2)

The Store room.

Get out of the corner and shoot the Guards, on the level you were standing, go L into the SE corner and get another Uzi or Ammo. Pull the crate next to you to the N and pull the one that was behind it from the wall, there’s a button behind it. Push it to open a grating in the SW corner of the room, shoot 2 Guards and get a Small Medipack below and Ammo on the red crate on S wall, jump/grab the high stack of crates in the SW and shimmy to the crawlspace.

The Base.

Get in and follow the ducts to the Alien room, where we will be back later, just go straight into the crawlspace other side and follow to where you will see a bunch of Guards, go on behind the glass to the end where you can back out of the crawlspace, shoot the Guards, one by one, making your way up the corridor, picking up the Goodies they drop, pick up the Key-Card the last one drops and push the button R on top and shoot Dog and Master, go in and shoot another Dog, push the button and go down the corridor to the open grating R of the big gate, climb over and shoot the Guard, get his Ammo and use the Key-card to open the door, shoot the Dog and get the Fuse inside.

The Alien room.

Go back through the crawlspace to the Alien room and jump to the ledge on the L wall, get the Medipack and jump to the steel platform in the centre, jump to the ledge on the other side and drop into the hole in the ledge. Go in the room and shoot the Guard, go around to the back to place the Fuse in the last machine and shoot another Guard on your way out, pick up the Ammo the dropped. Stand against the sloped wall S and pull up, immediately jump/grab to the platform and climb up, watch out for that hole in the centre and go over to the new passage in the S wall. Pick up the Small Medipack from the water and go to Level 3 (that was a short level, did I miss something?).

Green Secret. (part 3)

The Labs.

Follow to a lab with alcoves, shoot the Guard and get the Lasersight R and Ammo and Alienhart L, shoot more Guards and pick up the Goodies. Go to the next room and under the pipe L is a grating to shoot, follow the crawlspace to the Bathrooms. Go L at the door where you can see the Revolver and enter the last toilet, shoot the grating and get the Ammo inside, jump over the walls to the S side and get the Crossbow in the alcove over the last toilet, drop out and get the Revolver. Go back out of the crawlspace and get the Ammo in front, go L and shoot the Guard in the back of the room with the Burners, in the W wall is an invisible crack you can grab to shimmy over the burner trap.

Go L in the end of next room and push the button, (notice the door next to the button) return to the N side of last room and jump into the passage L of the ladder. Shoot all Guards and go into the NW corner of the room after you picked up all Goodies, jump into the alcove R in the passage there and down the slope, follow the crawlspace to a big room. Shoot the Guard R and get up the slope to shoot the rest of them in the Ctrl room up there. Get Goodies and look for a switch in an alcove, in the E of the big room, you can climb a pole to go to 1st floor, there is a door there, opens with the timed switch.

Timed run.

So pull, roll, run around the corner L and sprint down the slope, jump on the block, jump/grab up the pole, go up one step, backflip and sidejump R, run into the door and push the button R (this will open the door next to the button in the Lab area), the switch L will open the door again, but I had to use it twice. Go down and to the trapdoor in the floor in the centre W, follow till you can jump over the water to get some Ammo, hop back and swim to the last hole, get up and shoot the Guards in the next room, get the Goodies and climb up into the hole in the ceiling on top of the stairs, follow this passage through a room with pipes and slide into the passage where that door opened, L of the slope. Go in and shoot the 3 Guards, climb the pillar in the L back and shoot the grating out of the crawlspace.

Crate puzzle in the store rooms.

Pull up in and crawl straight into the store room with the Card reader, pull the dark crate to the reader once and go behind, shoot a Guard that popped up behind you and go back behind the crate, shoot the grating and go in to get Secret #4, Ammo, return and put the crate in this alcove at the crawlspace, so you can pull another crate at the reader out and to this side, so the door behind it is revealed. Go back into the crawlspace and to the E, push the crate in front twice and shoot the Guard L, go in L and push the crate R once, go in L and around the centre crate, pull the crate at the W wall out once and go around the centre crate again, push another crate next to it to the W, so you can circle the centre crate, now you can pull the dark crate E back out and go around to get behind it, push it W and enter the new passage E, Guards pop up every time, so shoot them as they come out.

 Shoot the Guard in the new passage and get his Key-Card, notice the door R and go back to the other store room, open the door and shoot the Guards. Get the Ammo, also on the box on the S wall and go to the SE corner to push the button which will open a door to a big red room. There is a Desert Eagle on a Ctrl panel, but you can’t take it. Go back to the passage where you got the Key-Card and go L into the crawlspace, follow to the Incubator room and open the door in the end of the passage, go in, shoot the Guard and follow to a big descending staircase, a bunch of Guards will try to stop you, take ‘em all out and enter the dead end passage at the bottom, a trapdoor will open behind you when you step onto the last tile. Hop back and drop dooooown!!

The basements.

Into a water filled basement, go W and into the passage till where you have do dive down, save here and go swim into a shaft, go up first and pull the UW ceilingswitch, dive down and follow the tunnel swimming at the ceiling, so you can go straight up into the room there before you get sucked into the Propeller. Jump over the water to grab the ladder and go up into the passage, turn and jump/grab up into the higher passage, follow to the bottom of the Incubator room, get the Ammo and start shooting some Guards, most of them on ledges above, get the Ammo from the Guard and go up the SW ladder and R onto the ledge, get the Fuse and push the button to open a trapdoor so you can climb back into the Store rooms.

 Jump/grab the ladder at the opening in the wall and go in, follow to the shaft where you can climb back up, shoot the Guard and open the door with the fuse, shoot more Guards and a Dog inside, get the Key-Card and go into the SE corner, shoot the blue window and enter the dark passage to throw the lever inside, get the Small Medipack and go to the other side of the water passage to shoot the other window and push the button inside. (This will open a grating in the top of the Incubator room.) So go back to the trapdoor, jump over and follow the crawlspace again to the Red room, enter the crawlspace R and follow the walkway till you can jump/grab to the pole next to the structure, slide down to where you can backflip onto the platform with Secret #5. Grab the Goodies and jump back to the pole, go down to the platform and jump to the lower corner platform, runjump to the W and to the platform next to the ladder, in the S wall is a door (in the dark behind the pillar), use the Key-Card on the reader to open it and enter.

 Shoot both Guards and get the Fuse key from one of them, go to the NW corner and open the door, push the button inside and the one in the NE corner too, the Incubator room explodes, go in there and shoot the Guards, get the Key-Card and go into the last room again, in the S wall is a door for you to open, walk in very slowly, the whole place is coming down. Stop as the first rubble falls and sprint to the end of the corridor, jump into the blue window and the level ends.