The Temple.

Level by NepT1.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Level 3 - The Great Temple.

As you will notice you already have a Crowbar in the inventory, saves you some looking around. Lara finds herself on the landing around a pit in the Temple, there are 2 fountains that probably have to be activated to fill that central pit, In the corners are blue doors. Open the SW doors by pushing them open and come to the Planetary room. There are 3 gates to 3 Globes, which have be opened with Stars you have to collect first. Go out and to the NW doors, push them open and while you can just see a MP on an opposite ledge, youíll drop into a lower passage. Go into the S passage and follow to the lower part of the Planetary room with 3 passages you can choose from.

N passage, Switch/Pillar Puzzle.

Follow the ramp up to a pit with pillars and switches high above those pillars, drop onto the lower floor and go NE from there to get the Flares, then circle around the pillars to the far NE corner and find the first switch, use it to raise one of the pillars SE, go S a bit and pull up on the lowest pillar to jump/grab up to the raised one and use the 2nd switch to raise 2 pillars, the low one you just climbed up from and one in the SW corner under the 3rd switch, get over there to use it and pillars lower N, jump over to the one NW and jump/grab to the Jumpswitch on the N wall. Now you have to use the first 2 switches again to get the pillars up in a position allowing you to jump to the pillar N in front of the passage in the N wall. Follow to a courtyard with an entrance to a building, runjump/grab to the rope and swing to the roof of the entrance (or just jump to the brown pillar L and get up to the roof from there), go use the switch to open the doors below, go do a safety drop to the ground floor and get 2x Shotgun Ammo SE and in the water SW.

The Library for the 1st Golden Star.

Enter the Building and find 4 sets of doors and a Wraith. Run out to get to the water and re-enter after the Wraith is gone, the SW doors can be opened and lead into a room with a pole around the corner in the back. Climbing the pole you can backflip into another Planetary room with a pool and a hole E, go down the ladder in the hole and follow to a room with a switch in an E alcove. Throw the switch and a Horseman will appear, shoot the bloke and open the doors NW to come back in the hall. Go back into the SW room where one of the book cases opened up, go in and throw the switch inside, shoot another Horseman and go out to the hall. Now open the doors NE and find a big hole in the floor which just opened up, drop down after you took the Ĺ MP from the NW corner and follow the dark tunnel to the other side, climb up W and get the Flares from the pedestal. Then go into the SW corner for the next switch and go out the blue doors E to the hall. Head straight into the opposite E room and find the last switch in the SE corner.

The pool upstairs will now be drained, go out of the room, L and L into the SE room, around the corner and up that ladder to the Planetary room, in the pool is Revolver Ammo in the SE corner and the 1st Golden Star on the wall. The switch will show the first Planetary room (activates the floor?) and on the ledge NE is a Ĺ MP to be found, get down from the pole and go out to the courtyard N.

In the n wall is a passage follow the passage, climbing up the ledges to come back to where you can runjump/grab to the first rope, donít go all the way down and hit swing only once to jump/grab to the next rope, now swing into the passage E and follow back to the room with the pillar, go over the pillars to where you can jump/grab into the opening S and follow the L hand ramp down to where a wall opened up, climb the ladder and go get Secret#1, that MP you saw earlier. Go down, up the ramp a bit and L around the corners to go down the ramp to the Planetary room where 2 Planets are now marked on the floor, go to the S side.

S passage, the Torch.

In the crypt is a Torch on a brown ledge to the R and in the back is a closed gate, some cracks look out to the adjoining crypt, but more important is the Burning pedestal L of the gate, light the Torch and the Fire goes out, better save here and keep the save separate, just in case. Go out to the Planetary room and into the W passage.

W passage, Burning the Floor.

Follow the dark passage to a cave and find a wooden floor in the NE corner, throw the Torch on it and wait till the floor burnt out, drop down and go to the switch at the closed gate, the switch will open the gate where you got the Torch as you can see through the cracks, go onto the higher ledge N and hop onto the upper floor, go back to the crypt (S passage) where you lit the Torch and enter that gate to come to the Snake Switch Puzzle.

The Snake Switch Puzzle.

In the NE corner alcove is some Revolver Ammo and in the room are 9 Snake switches. If you canít figure it out yourself, look at the map and use only the numbered switches in the right order (possibly there are more solutions). But this one worked for me a couple of times. Two blocks rise in the other side of the room and from them you can access an upper passage, opposite the opening is an important alcove with a Lampion.

Boulder Alley, 2nd Golden Star.

Be careful here, there are plenty of Boulders lurking around corners. Run a bit E and roll just past the side passage, get back and L into the alcove with the Lampion, wait till the Boulder stops moving and go E, then L into the N end where the other Boulder came from and just past the side passage is a sloped floor, do a runjump onto the slope and backflip back over the released Boulder. Go jump over the sloped block where the Boulder was and into the passage to Secret#2, 3x Grenades. Jump back to Boulder Alley and go straight E, do a runjump over the Boulder there and immediately run into the E end as 2 more Boulders come down. Look NE and find the small hole you can climb down in, throw the switch L of the climbwall to open the gate to the Crypt and get the 2nd Golden Star on your way out.

Water Works, the 3rd Golden Star

Go back to the burnt floor and go up to the floor above, open the gate with the switch on the SE pillar and enter the new passage to come to a passage where the gate will drop shut behind you, now you seem to be trapped in a passage with a closed gate one end and a Boulder in the other end, just run to the gate E and jump over the pit, the Boulder will go in and you can jump back over the pit and head to where the Boulder came from, backflip onto the slope and jump/grab a crawlspace above, go in and get Secret#3, 3x Crossbow Ammo (one of each brand). Thanks Sash for pointing out I didnít write this one down, found it earlier but forget to put it in the walk. Drop out of the crawlspace and go to the pit the Boulder went in. Immediately 2 Horsemen will come out to play, shoot them hopping backwards and when theyíre gone you can get Flares along the S wall and the 3rd Golden Star from the pillar E. Go into the NE corner of the room, open the blue doors and use the switch to open a gate W (for later) then go into the SE corner and open the doors to get a MP from a water hole, go out and over to the open gate W, just before you enter, go L around that pillar and notice the trapdoor in the bottom, open it from this side (facing E) and dive in.

Swim into a narrow tunnel W and go up to a room with Chains, just run quickly to the S wall and notice a Ĺ MP under the L side Chain (almost impossible to get without losing as much health as you will gain), grab up to the S crawlspace and follow through to where you drop into a room with a real Horseman complete with Horse, shoot as soon as possible and start hopping backwards in circles, turning with the *L key* will keep you out of reach of his axe, but when you do circles with using the *R key* he will take more hits (he grunts when hit) and will drop sooner, but you are in reach of his axe, so be careful and when he finally drops from the horse hop back in front of him and shoot till he drops. He will leave the Horsemanís Gem behind, get that and check the pool N for the Shotgun Ammo, go back to that crawlspace and go back to the Chain room.

Pass through the chains and swim back to the trapdoor, climb up W and go into that open W gate, follow to the Waterworks and look for the Gem receptacle on the E wall. Place the Gem and immediately roll and run back to the safety of the water under that trapdoor as a Wraith will come for you, after heís gone return to where you used the Gem and find a raised block NE, climb up to the passage E and follow to the end, shoot a vase in an upper E alcove, jump up there and get the Uzi Ammo, then turn around and hop into the upper W passage, follow back to the gate at the burnt floor, and go out N to go back to the lower Planetary room. Go through the opposite passage and into that passage you dropped in at the start of the level. Climb up E and go into the SW doors to the upper Planetary room. Open all the gates and get the Globes out, the blue one goes E, the red one W and the green one N, little spheres will appear over the Globes and a pillar will rise in the middle of the floor, climb up into the room above and get some Flares there, then throw the switch S to get some water textures in that pit on the landing, but the level seems to be unplayable from here on as thereís no water under the textures and the pit is too deep to drop in. The other switch up in this room is also a bit of a mystery, it will give a fraction of a screenshot of a bookcase in the Library and if you go back there you can grab some Shotgun Ammo in a newly opened bookcase in the SE room. Not really needed as the level isnít longer anyway, I think there was a problem with a flip-map room and the level was never built to an end. Pity, such a good level ending like thisÖ