Sunken Venice.

Level by illyaine.

Walkthrough D&G productions.

Lara falls into the water of the submerged town. First turn around and swim into the opening E, around the corner left are Flares on the bottom.

Draining the Square, get the Crowbar.

Swim back to the square and take the middle opening N, a long corridor leading to closed doors. Just to the right of the doors is an opening up at a ladder, swim in, go straight through the next room and up E. Go down the passage and open the manhole, drop down into the dark basement. Go to the hole in the floor SE and drop down there, shoot the rat and find a valve on a pipe. Turn it and watch what happens, a manhole opens at the square. The water will drain, flooding this lower basement.

The Crowbar.

Swim out the opened door E, go down the hole in the floor in front of the next door. Follow and go up at the next opening in the ceiling to find an underwater lever there, turn around to swim down and N, take a right and go up in the end. Pull up E, backflip and jump to grab the ladder, climb up and backflip/roll. Grab the edge of the ledge and traverse to the left till you are in an opening in the S wall. Hop down into the pit there to get the Crowbar. Now make your way back through the tunnels to the basement with the valve and up through the ceiling there. Climb the crates and up the ladder, follow back to the passage with the closed doors, shoot a Gangster and go to the square.

The First Rose Jewel.

In the NE corner is the open manhole, first go behind it, near the fence is a jump lever on the E wall. It will open a door we need later when placing the 3 Rose Jewels. Now go into the open manhole and get the First Rose Jewel.

The Bag of Sand and Some Preparations.

Get back to the square and head SW, climb the wooden crate there and jump to grab the roof S, traverse left to the ladder and go up. In that passage is a lever to lower a block somewhere. Go back down to the square and head straight N (notice the Element Bowl) and into the building N, there’s a Crowbar on the floor, but it is spike-trapped. Go to the door N and open it using the crowbar. Go in and turn around at the fence, climb the ladder. Once up, turn left and climb up into a crawlspace, follow through and go down a ladder.

Throw the lever and get a screen of a chandelier in a Theatre. Go back through the crawlspace, head W and left up the stairs. Shoot the window SW and end up on a balcony. The Timed lever E will open a gate, just leave it for now. Go back inside and head E through the passage where you lowered a block before. Just before you go down the stairs you can climb up left into an alcove and get the Bag of Sand. Pick up the Flares just under the Timed gate. Head into the passage S and throw the lever in the end, opening up big doors below.

Timed Run for the Waterskin.

Go back to that balcony and save at the lever. Light a flare and throw it and run inside and to that Timed gate, jump with a left curve onto the ledge and into the gate. Grab the Waterskin and make your way back to the square.

Fill the Waterskin, the Golden Key.

Go E and through the doors E you opened upstairs and jump over the Blades. In the shallow water of the pool you can fill the Waterskin. Go to the NE corner and find a hole in the ground, inside is the Golden Key. Get back up and pick up the Flares near the tree SE. Head back W to the square.

The Theatre, the Second Rose Jewel.

W on the square is the Element Bowl, put the Sand in there (face W) and go into the middle passage N where the big doors opened up now. Go into the Theatre and left along the wall, at the second Iron Gate, go right to the edge of the floor and turn around, hop backwards from the floor grabbing the jump lever. Swim E and through a triangular hole in the wall to the adjoining room. In the lower part and facing W is an underwater lever. Use it and watch the flyby. Swim out and go get the Second Rose Jewel NW.

For a Secret.

Go S and climb up on the terrace near the stairs, but do not go up the stairs. Grab the rope hanging there and turn around, facing the entrance, when you look up you can see a greenish light on the ledge above. Use the high swing trick to get up there (tap the swing key once and wait till Lara gets her feet back on the rope, then while she is in the backswing, hit swing again and hold it, she will now go high enough to jump up to that ledge and you’ll get Secret #1, a Medipack. The camera is a bit tricky, but try to jump back into the water below and get back onto the steps S.

For a Torch.

Grab the rope again and turn N towards the chandelier, more ropes will get you to the N side. Go into the lower room, climb the brick block and jump up into an alcove E to use the Golden Key there. The Iron Gate at the pool opens up, so go back to the Theatre and run up the stairs S. 2 Boulders fall behind you and a wraith will show up in addition to two Gangsters.

After taking out all the resistance, go to that gate W and get into the room with the torches. Go into the back and use the valve to drain a Town square we will get to later. You’ll also hear platforms go up and down. Go pick up a Torch from the wooden crate and hop up to the floor. Go to the edge of the floor and look down, time the trapdoors and jump to the safe one in the corner (I just did a runjump NE over the fence onto the second platform and a running jump to the safe one). Hop onto the floor N and go down into the lower room. In the shallow water is a trapdoor, open it up for later, but there’s no need to get in there yet.

Lighting the Torch.

Drop the Torch in the SE corner for now and go up into an opening in the N wall. Jump to the wooden crate (the water is deadly), then into the opening W, follow through to a lever lowering the raising platform where the Torch is. Go back there and drop the Torch on the wooden platform. Go back to the room with the deadly water, jump over the crates to get to the lever and raise the platform with the Torch. Back again and from the opening to the room with the platform you can do a run jump to grab to the ledge with the harp and the raised Torch. Pick up the Torch and ignite it, throw it down to a safe spot after you saved.

Push the Harp.

Now get that harp and put it on the platform, make your way back to the lever to lower the platform and push the harp over the raised blocks into the opening S, then to the right and onto the tile in the NW corner. A painting opened to the left, go get the Torch and go in there, follow through, shoot a Gangster (be careful you don’t throw the Torch off the balcony).

To the Town Square, a Bag of Sand.

Go find a lever S and go back N, hop onto a ledge left where another painting opened, pick up the small medipack and get into the next room with the Torch. Pick up the Bag of Sand from the table and shoot the window S. You’re now at the Town square, the one you drained with the valve in the Torches room. The double doors N lead to a tunnel back to the room with the raising platform.

Secure the Torch.

Throw the Torch down from the window, hop backwards out of the window and grab the roof to safety drop to the ground. Take the Torch and go to the S side of the central building. Next to the wooden crate, there is a lowered platform, drop the Torch on it and go to the double doors W. Inside and right around the corner is a lever to raise the platform. Look up in this room and spot 2 underwater levers… Seems we have to flood the place again. Go out, from the wooden crate you can hop onto the raised platform and get the Torch up to the roof of the building. Put it in a safe place and get down to the ground again.

Raise the Water for the Red Wine.

Go into the opening in the S wall, turn around and climb the ladder to the top, hop up N and grab the monkey climb. Go all the way over and into the broken window. Open the double doors N and climb up right, then up a ladder and go to the water. Swim E and up through the trapdoor you opened before. Back to the pool and go to the S, op the stairs and right to the room with the Torches. In the back is the valve to flood the square again.

Head back to the square (through the tunnel under the trapdoor N), through the window S and dive down into the water on the square. Go into the room NW (W wall) and use the 2 underwater levers (N+S). A hatch opens in the ceiling, better get air first and swim up through the opening, find the Red Wine S and swim back out.

The Third Rose Jewel.

Get onto the roof of the central structure and place the 3 elements. Then light the wine with the Torch and a platform rises NW on the square in the water. To the right of this platform, is an opening in the wall, swim inside to get Flares. Climb the platform and go up to the switch on the block. An explosion is heard. The Third Rose Jewel appeared on the central building.

Go get it and swim into the opening S, pull up S and backflip. Go over the monkeyclimb and through the double doors, swim E in the tunnel back to the Theatre and head all the way S, could be you encounter the Wraith, 2 Gangsters now, be careful with the health and go to the square where the level started. Go into the door straight S (if that is still closed, go left to the NE corner and use the jump lever there).

Place the Rose Jewels.

Sprint through the spike traps and climb up E, run straight into the water, turn around and use the underwater lever, roll and swim into the room. Go straight and up to a balcony. Pull the lever to open a door down S. Swim in and climb out into the room where you can place the Rose Jewels. Go through either door and get a small medipack just around the corner. Go up S and come to another square.

Escape with the Carnival Mask.

Pick up the Mask in the structure and all hell breaks loose. Shoot the Demigirl and then go around the structure to throw all 4 jump levers you saw in the flyby. Shooting the wraith with pistols will scare it away, because I had only 2 mm health left here. There’s a small medipack on the grass SE.

Climb into an opening SW (W wall) and use the lever, go out and climb the platform S. Jump up to the terrace S and go to the W, and before you hit the wall at the end, on the left in the building is an opening and get in to throw another lever. The whole place explodes and a platform rises in the structure. Get down there and climb up to the upper floor where you can use a chain pulley to open a door down N. Go into that door and the level will end as you slide down…