Abandoned Theatre.

Level by José.

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Walk out of the alley to where a flyby takes over just before you step onto the Square, save after the flyby. The alley to the right has Spike traps, so do not enter. There are some baddies up on balconies to the left of you, there will of course be more ways to deal with them, but this is how I went about it.

The Uzis.

Run straight S along the white Theatre and go right around the corner, there’s a somewhat higher floor tile you can use to grab up to the arch over the entrance. Run up to the highest point and jump E without Ctrl to land on the roof of the Gazebo. Pick up the Uzis and Uzi ammo, then take out the 2 baddies on the balconies N.

Timed Platforms.

Drop from the roof and get back onto the white arch, save on the higher part and face N, there are 3 platforms in the alley to the left. Run N along the right hand side of the arch, jump with a sharp left curve to the right hand side of the first platforms, curve left while doing a running jump to the second and now curve hard right to the last, curve left again to jump to the ledge in the end of the alley. Throw the lever on the S wall to raise a platform (not timed) next to the balcony where the black dressed gangster was.

Hop back from the lever and face SE, runjump into the windowsill to get the Large Medipack there, then jump to grab the roof N and shimmy all the way to the right. On the corner you can do two things, one is to drop down and get back on the white arch of the Theatre or pull up, backflip with a roll and a left curve so you will land on the white arch.

Jump to the platform NE and open the double doors of the house. Shoot the Dog coming out and enter the room. On the table are Flares, take the stairs down to the basement and save before leaving the stairs. There is some rubble that will fall from the ceiling as you go for the ammo in the back corner; there also are some pesky rats. You have to trigger the rubble to fall down without getting hurt, run with a curve so you will trigger but not get hurt by it. Pick up whatever Uzi ammo you can get and take note of the different ceiling tile. Upstairs is a Harp, it has to be pushed onto the corresponding floor square to open a door.

Library, Door Puzzle and a Golden Key.

Shoot out the 2 NW windows and stand jump over to the opening where the door opened (You can also jump up there with an angled standing jump from the tile where Lara falls at the start of the level).

In the windowsills S are 2 x Uzi ammo pickups. A whole section of the Library is blocked off by burning hot blocks and doors. Throw the second and third lever (seen from left to right) on the E wall and a path to the NW corner will be opened. Go in and when you face a red curtain N, approach it and duck to crawl underneath the curtain. Pick up Secret #1, a Large Medipack, 2 x Uzi ammo and another Uzi.

Go back out and into the NW corner of the room, behind the plant there. Hidden in the plant is the Golden Key. Go back, to the door NE and jump back over into the window SE.

Mask Piece 1.

Go out to the balcony and face E, run and jump over the fence and grab the balcony of the house E, use the Key to open the doors. Hang from the edge of the pit and shimmy to the left to get Flares, then shimmy to the right to get the Uzi ammo from the other corner. Then jump from the higher floor to grab the breakable platform over the pit. Then jump further to grab the ledge. On the E side is Mask Piece 1, to get rid of the bats, save and reload.

For getting back, look closely over the pit into the SW corner where you got the ammo, an electricity box appeared, shoot it and a rope will appear over the pit. Grab the rope and swing back to the entrance, hold Ctrl while Lara jumps from the rope.

Go out to the balcony and look E, there’s a wooden warehouse. You can see an opening in the wall in that narrow alley E and just around the corner from where you stand is a jump lever, save your game here. Run and jump from close to the keyhole aiming a bit left and grab a crack in the wall of the warehouse. Shimmy all the way left to a ladder and go up to the roof (if Lara refuses to shimmy to the ladder, try to grab the crack in another place (or go back a bit, release Ctrl for a moment and try again) and the problem is solved). Pull up and backflip with a roll to grab the roof behind you. Shimmy left to the jump lever and use it.

The door in the little alley E opens up.

Now that you are back on ground floor, will be a good time to get more supplies. Go W to the pool on the square. In the alley N of the pool on the Square is a crawlspace which seems to be inaccessible. Getting in requires a trick move. Run towards the crawlspace and hit duck on the moment you hit the wall, Lara will get in that way so you can get Secret #2, a Large Medipack and the Glock 17. Now you can grab up to the ledge above the opening S and crawl through to drop back into the alley. Also you can jump into the pool in the middle of the square to get 2 x Uzi ammo and a Large Medipack.

Spike run for the Yellow Key.

Make your way back up to the balcony with the Golden Keyhole and jump to the crack in the warehouse again, this time go right around the corner to where the door opened up before.

Save inside and top up the health. Carefully observe the aerial camera: there are some tiles in the grass with grey stones. That tiles with stones are relatively "safe". if you walk slowly over that tiles, the spikes will retract, and Lara will suffer only a little bit of damage. So, slide down the ramp and get the Large Medipack, go to the very W side in front of the spikes near the wall and walk slowly three tiles N, two tiles E , one tile N, one tile E and one tile N. This way you've opened a way between the spikes so you can safely return, you'll need it! When you pick up the Yellow Key a wraith is released. Quickly go back through the safe way between the spikes and to the right of the entrance ramp there is a higher grassy tile where you can climb to the doorway; run out and left to the canal.

Also there's an alternative way to solve this room puzzle: Slide down and get that Large Medipack. Climb back up from standing on the right hand side of the ramp on the higher ground. Shimmy along the crack to where spikes retract, drop after the second set went down and face N, stand back as far as possible and sprint N through the last spikes suffering a bit of health loss. Top up your health and save before you pick up the Yellow Key. A Wraith shows up, roll and run back to the W side, then sprint S through the spikes (losing a bit of health) and climb back up to the doorway; run out and left to the canal.

Timed run for the Blue Key.

Swim to the NW corner and there’s a Timed underwater lever below the jetty, save while Lara pulls it, roll and swim up S to get onto the jetty there, run to the end and curve left to jump from the corner to the jetty E, keep jumping from one jetty to the next to get to the Timed block under the opening in the S wall. Pull up and save… Shoot the bat.

Stand on the right hand side and sprint along the wall past the Blade (the ceiling at this side is also high enough to do a running jump over the blade), immediately stop after the blade and get the Medipack. Shoot another bat and face the blade, standing near the left hand wall. Save and hop/walk back till a boulder is released, immediately sprint back to the exit and try to turn right or left to get out of the path of the boulder. Go back in and past the blade to get the Blue Key from the op of the passage. Back out and into the first alley left. Go W along the brown building and left into the alley near the Theatre.

The Bundle of Keys.

In the end to the right is the door you can open with the Blue Key, go in and get one of the heavier weapons out. When you go in a short flyby shows a gangster running away, quickly follow him and shoot him in the back before he reaches the door in the end of the passage (E). Now you can go in and get Secret #3, another Glock 17 and ammo for it (if you let the gangster escape he will close the door behind him).

Return to the W end of the passage and open the door with the button, go in and grab the Bundle of Keys from the bin. Go back out of the passage to the alley and use your keys on the door E.

Cross Puzzle and a Torch, Mask Piece 2.

Shoot the 2 gangsters of which the white one will leave a Large Medipack and the other one Uzi ammo. Inside this hall are 4 pushable crosses standing in the middle isle, when you get close to a cross, a torch will light up. That is the spot where that cross has to go. Move all crosses under the torches and a block will go up in the NE corner. Climb up and open the ceiling hatch to climb up to the room above.

Go to the windows NE where that broken window is and shoot the remaining windows. Jump W-NW to the balcony where the gangster is, shoot him and get one of the Torches outside. Return to the opening with the broken windows and go down to the ground floor. Ignite the Torch on the lower wall torch at the NE cross and make your way back up to the room above. Carefully light the big bowls standing E (stand on a corner and not too close) and then go W, but do not light the left hand one (SW) just yet. Leave the Torch where you can find it later.

For a Secret:

Stand behind the bowl facing W and pull up into an invisible passage, shoot the window across the alley and also the one you can see NW, then jump over to grab the roof of the opposite building just right of that opening and shimmy to the right. Drop and grab into the window there and go in to get Secret #4, Uzi plus ammo and a Medipack. Drop out of the window and go back up to where you left the Torch.

Light the last bowl and a painting sways open in the S wall. Go in and get Mask Piece 2.

Back out to the room.

For a Secret:

Go to the windows NE and, step outside through the window which was already broken when you arrived to this place, Lara will look at a golden tile on the Square below. There is an invisible ledge above that tile.

Take a running jump N-NE  to grab the invisible ledge, jump over to the roof of the gazebo to claim Secret #5, the Grenade gun and a Large Medipack.

Push Tables, the Rose Jewel.

Drop from the roof and go to the red curtain E. Combine the 2 pieces of the Mask and place it on the stand next to the curtain. Go in and move the tables to the S side of the room shooting two rats on your way to get to the slope in the NE corner. (Remember that you can do a diagonal sideflip between the corners of two tables if they are placed corner against corner) Face S and backflip, then jump and grab a breakable ledge above, shimmy to the right and pull up, run to the block and grab up. Hang right, pull up over and slide/jump right onto the next one, slide/jump twice, the last one left to the flat corner ledge. Do you remember de deadly grey tiles with smoke in the library? Well, there are another two here with a "safe" tile between them, protected by an intermittent fire emitter. Time the fire to take a running jump there and quickly situate Lara in either the safe SW or SE corners (beware don't approach too much near the deadly tiles); wait for the fire to extinguish and take a running jump to the NE grey ledge and grab up to the grated ceiling, go over to the N side of the room where you find another breakable ledge next to a spike trap. Drop close to the spikes and run onto the trap, the spikes will go down so you can get the Rose Jewel. Drop down and get out of the house.

The Theatre, 2 Hearts.

Go to the theatre and place the Rose to the left of the doors. Go in and collect the Glock 17 plus ammo and a Large Medipack from the hall. The curtain goes up W, are you sure you got everything as there’s no going back… Slide through the passage into the theatre and carefully watch the flyby  showing you two suspicious golden tiles, shoot every gangster you can get your hands on and collect the 2 x Uzi ammo and a Large Medipack before you go up the stairs. Go around to the E side of the balcony and run over the golden tile there to summon a Demigirl. Go back downstairs and take her out, collect the Heart she drops. Now go back upstairs and through the curtain in the S wall, leading to the upper floor where you’ll find another golden tile to summon a Demigirl, back downstairs and shoot her to get the second Heart. Go back up to the top floor and place the Hearts at the door NE, go into a small yard, grab the Glock ammo and shoot the bats.

Go behind the tree in NE corner to grab the Lasersight (the one on the red bin is a red herring). It can happen that Lara has problems to pick up the Lasersight. If so, turn her a bit  left or right and she'll eventually get it. Go back inside and down to the first floor, from near the curtain at the top of the big stairs, look up E and spot a Bell in the ceiling of the Theatre. Shoot it with Glock plus Sight and the curtain opens up behind you.

Step on the Vespa scooter and follow the path to where the level ends.