Leave the Gondola’s in Venice.

Level by Drakan.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

At some point the level crashed for me. If you experience the same, the solution is to use the original title.tr4 instead of the one provided with the BtB package. There are more levels that had this problem, like The Power of the Dragon and Canreggio, so you can use the title.tr4 provided with these levels.

Sewers, the Crowbar.

Follow the current and swim into the first right, climb out to the right and jump SW to a small ledge at the crossing of the tunnels, shoot rats S and jump there, head over to the NW corner and find a lever on the pillar E, it will close the doors in the canal, dive in and use the underwater lever N (right under where you are). A ceiling hatch opens E, climb out S and go to the E end of the tunnel, there’s a cross SE, leave it be. Jump to the other side and push the cross NE away from the Crowbar. Then get to the block at the hatch and climb up. Open the crowbar door and follow to a square.

Go SW and into a small room where you can crawl under the hanging laundry to a small medipack. Head E and then left to come to a yard with 2 Gangsters. Get the Shotgun ammo from the garbage bin E and step carefully behind the bin NE, use the lever on the wall and get out. A door opened in the S wall. Inside is Secret #1, a Mysterious Rose and a Medipack. Go out again and get down the manhole SE, get the Waterskin from the room below, fill it while you’re down there. Leave the yard SW and go S, follow through and jump to the jetty, shoot the Gangsters of which the white one drops a small medipack. Go on and shoot more Gangsters, in the end is a closed door E.

The Carnival Mask.

First we retrace our steps a bit W a bit to the SW corner of this passage, in the water is an opening S. Save and swim in high and turn right you have to swim straight through the centre of those spike traps. Into the opening straight ahead and left at that propeller, in the back of that tunnel you can swim up facing S and use an underwater lever there. Roll, swim down and S to get to the back of the propeller where you’ll find the Carnival Mask. Now get back fast as the air runs out. Back in the large tunnel go E.

The Glock 17.

Swim into the opening E, under the door, climb up in a room. SW you can place the Mask on the stand and the door opens up. Go into a room with a Fire Bowl. Down to the right of it is Glock ammo, on the other side a Medipack you’ll need soon. You did fill the Waterskin did you? Otherwise do it now.

Save one step from the burning bowl and be ready for a run back to water while pumping Medipacks (you can use the numeric 0 and 9 keys, first for a small medi, the second for a large, maybe a wrong kind of flame emitter was used here or this is just cruel) Step close to the bowl and you’ll catch fire, put the fire out with the Waterskin and a ceiling hatch opens op over the bowl. Roll and run to the water. Here the level crashed for me (look at the top of the walk how to resolve this). Go back in, climb up at the bowl and get the Glock 17 from the garbage bin and a Medipack in the back. Go back down and out of the room to the water.

Turbo Scooter.

Go W, hop onto the crates N. Pull the Timed lever, hop back twice turning left a bit and then turn right a bit to hop onto the timed platform, run forward and backflip to the room above. Get a Medipack, Glock ammo and the Turbo Scooter.

Get down and back to the water and into to the N and out in the open, to the bridge over the canal. There is a Medipack around on the left if you jump in the water.

The Lasersight.

Go to the chain NE of the bridge. Up you go and backflip onto a ledge next to the balcony, jump W to the awning. W again to the stone pillar. Go inside and grab the Lasersight from the table. Notice the harp.

Harp Puzzle, the Yellow Key.

Go down the hole in the floor and use the switch on the crate to raise a platform. Open the crowbar door NE and follow the stairs back up to the room with the harp, push it onto the raised platform and go back down to flip the switch again. Get the harp and put it on the tile next to the crate. A door opens upstairs. Go back up and in the passage SW is the open door. Go in, jump up and grab the Yellow Key. Go out and dive down into the canal, climb out N.

Shoot the Bells, 1 & 2.

Go into an alley NW, follow through up some blocks and get some Glock ammo. Go back onto the bridge and look up W above the big clock, 2 Bells. Shoot them with the Glock and Sight. Now go into an alley all the way in the back SE, follow through to a steep part, stand left and face the ladder, standjump and grab it, go up and left to get to the higher part of the alley, follow down a slide. Down there you can grab up to the right and shoot the window to get Secret #2, another Mysterious Rose.

The Wires.

Get out and proceed to another part of the main canal. The bridge is left through the underwater opening. Swim over to the opposite side (N) and to the right is a fuse box, shoot the cover and pry the Wires out of the box.

Shoot the Bells, 3 & 4.

Go stand on the other side (NW) of this jetty and look up E, 2 more Bells. Shoot them and a door opens up in the N wall close to you.

Storage Room, Red Wine, a Heart.

Grab up to the opening and shoot a Gangster in that passage. Open the crowbar door N and step into a storage room. Go left around the corner and to a crate, climb over it and head into the passage E, timing the crates and spike bags. Make your way E and get Shotgun ammo. To the left is a Bottle of Red Wine, crawl along the N wall to get it. To the S are the Heart and the Shotgun and a small medipack on a crate. Make your way back out of the Storage room.

Use the Heart, a Zip-Line.

Go up (S) and place the Heart at the gate, use the zip-line to get to the ladder and climb up, go left (S) and jump over the balustrade to the walkway, go to the left and find a lever around the corner.

City Heating, place the Wires.

A gate opens under the building E, dive down and swim in there. Climb out N, the open gate is NE. Time the steam blowers and get the Glock ammo, in the end you can place the Wires in the pipe. A door opens in a courtyard. Go out, swim NW through the big opening under the building and the current will take you back to the bridge area, climb out S near the wide passage.

The Blue Key, a Torch.

Hop over the crates and shoot some dogs. There’s a small medipack on the grass. Near the big doors S is the lock for the Yellow Key, but we need one more Key and that is in the building E where the door opened. SE you can pick up some Glock ammo.

NE is a button behind that tree; push that now to open the grate to the right (NE) there’s a burning garbage bin. Inside are 2 Gangsters, shoot them and get the Blue Key from the windowsill SW. In the NE are Torches, pick one up and go out to that burning bin and carefully ignite the Torch. Go back in, put the Wine in the Bowl and light it with the Torch. A gate opens up S. Throw the lever there to lower 2 blocks with Harps on top. A Demigirl appears, shoot her and get Secret #3, another Mysterious Rose.

Place the Harps, Exit.

Move both the Harps onto the white tiles W, another block goes down revealing a button to open the door open again.

Into the House, open the Doors.

Use the 2 Keys in front of the house S and shoot the Demigirl coming out. Go upstairs, move the table with the mirror to the white tile W and a block goes up E. Climb it, open the ceiling hatch and climb up E. Save before you slide down as there’s a nasty Blade below. I slid down when the Blade was closed and came through ok. The next one is more difficult, stand with your back to the W wall, as close to the Blade as possible and now you can see it and time the sideflip over the Blade. Go on and jump to the chandelier. To the next and from there to the window N. Go outside and to the right is a button that will open the doors on ground floor. Jump back to the chandelier and face NW to a crawlspace, it is too far, but just to the left of it is a crack you can just reach with a grab in the last moment. Get into the crawlspace to claim Secret #4, another Mysterious Rose.

Open the Garage.

Get out and safety drop down to the stairs after you went left on the crack. Go into the doors S. Shoot the Gangsters and look for a Medipack behind the wall S (SE). Open the double doors W and push the button to open the gate to the Vespa Scooter.

The Vespa Scooter.

Now you have to backtrack to the start of the level, go out of the house to the canal and S at the bridge, Through the underwater tunnel and follow the water to the end, go into the alleys and keep going left till you see the Vespa straight ahead. When you use the lever inside the garage, a grate opens. Shoot the Gangsters, mount the Turbo on the Scooter and take it E and left to the small yard. Park it facing the alley SE and get the Medipack from the alcove E (screenshot).

The Timed lever will start a flyby, showing the route you will have to take with the Scooter.

The route is: Into the alley SE, turn right, right around the next corner and speed up to jump the gap in the end onto the jetty, follow the tunnels and through the now open door E, left out to the bridge and take a sharp right there, to the end of this jetty and right into the passage SE, up the steep part and down the slope around the corner, as soon as you come outside, carefully right around the corners into the big open doors. (the turbo wasn’t even used much, only on 2 long stretches, you can jump corners, even with the scooter.)

Save again after the flyby and have a go at it (savegame).


Leave the Scooter there and if you want to go back at this point to look for missing Secrets, use the lever in the alcove E to open the door back up (maybe you have to use it twice). Hop over the block and go to a valve W, use it and the door opens up, this is the exit in case you didn’t get the Secrets.

But we go for the last Secret, go into the room N and place the 4 Roses on the central pillar, a block lowers. Hop on the block and get Secret #5, the Code Card. Use that W and go into the opened curtain to get the Final Rose from a beautiful Mirror room, the level ends after a nice flyby.