One Day in Venice.

Level by l.m.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Venice at evening 2010.

To the Villa.

Go out and shoot the dog, dive into the water and swim NE under the jetty, throw the underwater lever and climb back up to the jetty. Go into the square N and quickly grab the Shotgun where the gate opened N and go shoot the Gangster.

The Golden Key.

Go back out, walk W a bit and look up S over the gondola, the wall across the canal is climbable, go up a bit and backflip to the roof part. Jump to the awning SE to get the Uzi ammo. Jump back, shoot the window and go inside, to the left a closed door, to the right a Keyhole. Head onto the yard and shoot the dog and the Gangster. Pick up the Glock ammo he leaves behind. Go into the Villa N and upstairs, go W and get the small medipack from the windowsill. Thereís a lever to the left in that windowsill, throw it and a block goes down in a building outside. Back on the stairs you can jump onto the chandelier and on top lies the Golden Key. Go downstairs and W near the window, you find Uzi ammo.

Stop the Current.

Return to the yard and use the key in the passage SW. Go through the door W and in the windowsill N is a lever to open a ceiling hatch at the ladder S, shoot the Mafia Boss and get his Uzi ammo. Pull the chain in the NE windowsill to open the doors down in the canal as you can see. Make your way back down there and swim in, shoot the bats after climbing onto the jetty. On the jetty are Flares N and S is a lever that will stop the propeller in the canal.

Into Town, the Waterskin, a Crowbar and the Wires.

Now you are able to swim W and to the left is a jetty, climb up and get the small medipack after shooting the bats, notice the Wires on the pipes. Dive in, swim into the canal N and throw the 2 underwater levers to open the next doors to the Town. On the jetty to the left is Uzi ammo, then swim N and go right. Immediately to the left are 2 pillars, on the bottom between the 2 is the Waterskin. On the pillar W of this one is a Timed underwater lever, pull it and swim W and then immediately right into the opened gate, inside is the Crowbar. Now you can go back to get those Wires, swim S, around the corners and straight up to that jetty nears the propeller to pry the Wires from the pipes. Swim back to town and go right at the crossing, climb out on a jetty and shoot the Gangster, he will drop a Medipack (even after he died in the water). Go to the last jetty E and up the stairs SE. After the flyby first go left (E).

Merlot Wine, raise the block for the Sight.

Shoot the window and jump into the backroom of the Villa. In the windowsill (left) is a lever, raising a block on the yard. Pick up the Merlot Wine from the table and open the double doors S to get a shortcut back to the hall. Go back out through the window and head left (S). Shoot the dog and get some Shotgun ammo near a tree in the fenced off garden.

A Pitted Black Code Card.

Go S and open the manhole Lara looks at (face W), down there are a Pitted Black Code Card (a rat leaves this behind) and a Medipack. You also have to shoot bats.

The Lasersight.

Climb back up and next to the gate E is a lever, throw it and go up to the yard. Climb the block to the right and jump up S to get the Lasersight.

Detour for some Secrets.

Jump back to the block and from there onto the wall W, from the N end a jump onto the roof NE, again a jump over the roof N and you have Secret #1, the Uzis, 2x Uzi ammo, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo.

Get back down to the yard with that raised block and go into the passage SW, where you used the key, through the door W and up to that small room with the trapdoor, open the panel SW (W wall) with the Crowbar and step in to get Secret #2, Broken Mask Piece 1. Get back to the yard.

Go back through the gate W and head back to the stairs N.

The Cellar, a Bag with Sand.

Go down the stairs into the canal. Swim W to the big doors and climb up to a ledge N, push the button there to open gates S over the canal. Get in there and shoot the rats, then look for a Bag with Sand in the back of the cellar.

The Glock 17 and some Church Bells.

To the right is a closed door, so for now, dive into the water below the cellar and find 2 underwater levers in the W side alcoves. Climb back up to the cellar and go through the now open door SW. Jump over the canal and shoot the Gangster to get his Glock 17. Look up N and spot the 2 Church bells you keep hearing. Shoot those; you might have to find the correct aiming position, so save before you pull the trigger. The big doors E open up.

Timed Swim, the First Jewel Rose.

Dive into the water, swim N and to the left is an underwater lever, save as Lara uses it and swim E through the big doors, almost at the end of the canal and to the left (N) is the open door (I swam through the middle of the canal and after that first pole I went left a bit). Pick up the Jewel Rose from that room.

Drain the Canal, the Second Jewel Rose.

Go out and up the jetty S, walk into the SE corner at the stairs and spot the opening there, jump in and use the Code Card. Go into the room and the only thing you have to do here is to place the Wires in that switch E, face S to do that. Use the switch (face N) and doors close, go into the room W and shoot some rats, thereís a valve in the other end of the room use it too and the water lowers (had some strange things here, but that could be because I used the valve before the switch). Behind the fan W you can get the Shotgun ammo, you do loose a bit of health though. Now go out N and dive into the water below. Climb up to the lever NE and use it to lower a block nearby. Dive into the water, swim into the open door S and follow through E, keep to the right to avoid the propeller. Climb out in a room with some Flares NW and go up S. Pick up the Shotgun ammo. Go down into the room W and out N, run right around the corner into the passage where the block lowered. Get the Second Jewel Rose there.

Place the Roses, the Bridge Key.

Jump back into the passage with the card reader and from there to the jetty with the stairs, head up the stairs and go through the window E into the Villa. Through the double doors to the hall and up the stairs. Place the Jewel Roses NE and NW. The painting on the N wall opens up, jump in there from the stairs and get the Bridge Key.

Shoot the Mafia Boss and go back into the back room, jump left out of the window and go use a button on the building W, the platform will rise. Climb it and shoot the windows to get inside. Use the Bridge Key there and cross the bridge, the zip-line S is needed to get a Torch.

But we could first use it to get a Secret, ride the zip-line and drop onto that white wall, jump SE onto the awning and go jump over to the high awning on the building S, jump to grab the roof next to the jump lever in the SE corner and go over the jump lever to use it, a block lowers. Go W then left and find the lowered block in the alley where you shot the dog before. In the pit is Secret #3, Mask Piece 2. Make your way back up to the zip-line.

The Torch.

Use the Zip-line to the end and land in a small yard, shoot the dog and go to a button NW (face S). Use it to lower the platform near the fence and go pick up a Torch from the grass and go drop it on the platform. You could put on 2 and then use the button. Climb the platform from standing in the garden and then get the Torch(es) up onto the wall. Jump (with a Torch) over to the other side of the canal using the awnings along the villa and from the last one a jump straight into the window where you used the Bridge Key. (The Zip-line reset itself, so if you need another Torch, just use it to get onto that wall and pick up the spare you put there)

Over the Bridge, raise the platform in the Cellar.

Go over the bridge and drop the Torch (leave it here for the time being) to shoot the Gangsters, one of them drops Uzi ammo. To the N is the Bowl for the water, in the windows W are 2 harps, exchange the places, the N goes S and vice versa and you will see the platform in the Cellar go up, allowing you to fill the Waterskin there later.

Downstairs, use the Sand, get the Blue Key.

Go S down the stairs and hop onto the chandelier to get the Uzi ammo there, hang and drop down from the N side of the chandelier and climb up into a small alcove NW to get Secret #4, Shotgun ammo. Side flip back onto the stairs and open the double doors N. To the left you can empty the Bag with Sand in the Bowl SW (screen of a curtain). On a table N is the Blue Key, shoot the Gangster showing up (mine got himself stuck under the stairs and it took me a long tile to get rid of him, he left a small medipack I could not get), better wait here till he gets into the room with you. Near the table (NW you find some Uzi ammo on the windowsill. Go out and open the door S on the stairs. Bring the Torch to that room and find the Fire Bowl NW. Donít pour the Merlot Wine in it yet.

Light the Torch, Timed Doors.

Bring the Torch up to the first floor landing and spot the curtain in the SW corner, in the W wall is a painting (Timed door), leave the Torch at the double doors N. Go climb the chandelier and face E, little trick here to speed things up, top up the health, light a flare and save. Now jump to use the jump lever, throw the flare away just before landing and Lara will recover faster from the long drop. Get quickly upstairs with running jumps and hop into the open painting. Down to the lower floor and use the button to open the next Timed painting next to you. Go out, grab the small medipack from the doorway NW and shoot the window.

Light the Torch, fill the Waterskin.

Open the double doors there SE and grab the Torch, stand in the window you shot and get down onto the awning, then jump down NW onto the square. Go down the stairs and drop the Torch in the passage down in front of a closed door and use the jump lever to open the door. Shoot the dog and take your Torch, jump over to the jetty E and go into the cellar where you can now ignite the Torch. Drop is in a safe place and hop onto the platform in the water to fill the Waterskin there. Pick up the Torch and go back up to that square you came from, leave the Torch for a moment and go to a grave stone SW, push the S side stone to the W and a block goes up behind you. Pick up the Torch and hop onto the block SE, jump to the awning, get inside and go through the double doors to the ground floor where you can now put the Wine in the Bowl and light it. Leave the Torch.

The Heart of Giacomo Casanova.

Now go out N, left up the stairs and straight to the Water Bowl, put the water in it and see the curtain lift. Back to the room wit the Fire bowl and up the stairs left is the open curtain. Go in and get the Heart of Giacomo Casanova. A screen of the canal below with some Gangsters there.


Go out of the room, shoot your first Gangster (leaves a small medipack) and his dog and go out the window, down to the canal level and shoot more gangsters waiting there, on the jetty N is the last dog. Go there to pick up a Bundle of Keys at the big doors. Look up over the doors to spot the jump lever. Go back S, right into the open door, up the stairs to the small square and jump from the E side to grab onto a red awning E, walk to the N end and do a runjump to the roof NW, grab it at the last moment and traverse to the right. At the end a backflip to another awning and now jump with a curve around the corner to grab the roof N, go to the jump lever and use it. Go in, open the gate with the Keys and leave Venice.