Door to Venice.

Level by Mugs.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Follow through and rats will pester you, pick up the Medipack and run N, immediately up left into a hole in the ceiling. Run down into the hole and roll to throw the lever there to open a Timed door. Hop back and jump back up into the opening, roll and crawl backwards out of the crawlspace, turn right and run through the water to the Timed door. Go into the room S and hop or backflip over the pipe to use the Flood valve. Swim back and up left through an opening W.

Red Wine, the Glock.

Follow through, passing a ceiling hatch and get some air in the sewer tunnel straight ahead. Swim back a bit and left (N) to climb out in a storage room. Go up E between the crates and follow through and take a left, pick up Flares and shoot the Gangster, follow this passage to the Red Wine. Go back to the crossing, go SE and shoot the other Gangster to get his Glock 17. Follow through to a deadly pool.

Flooded Storage Room.

Runjump out with a sharp right curve to land on a break ledge and immediately hop with a right hand curve through the gap onto a safe ledge. Jump to the next break ledge W and then jump to grab that ladder. Go right around the corner to the back where you can climb up, then get off on the left and drop into the passage there to get Secret #1, a Rose Jewel. Go back and hang out of the passage, drop onto the slanted block and jump again to grab the ladder. Go left around and up a bit. Backflip/roll onto the next block and slide/jump, jump again to the right to grab the wide block at the wall. Traverse to the right hand side and backflip/roll to grab the next block, hang one step from the left hand wall and go over the top. Slide a bit and jump with a left curve into the opening left. Shoot the Gangster, go first left, then right and get a Medipack.

Hot Jumps.

Backflip onto the slanted block S, jump and grab to a ledge, pull up and backflip again. Grab the monkey climb above and go along the left wall to the other side, watch your shadow on the grey block below, you should just pass the block. Save and time the burner, drop and slide/jump, slide/jump over another Burner and then over the Blade. Landing on a breakable floor, run to the other side and a boulder comes down. In my scare I did a sideflip against the fence and the boulder just went by.

Breaktiles, Rats and Jump Levers.

But what you really need to do is not to run onto the wooden floor, but turn right on the break tiles and jump to grab a crack in the W wall. Traverse left around the corner and drop onto a break tile, roll and jump to grab the crack in the other wall, go right to pull up at a Medipack. Pull up in the passage S to grab another Medipack. Top up your health and go down the ladder there and find more rats awaiting you.

Quickly turn left and sprint (even through the deep water) S and use the 2 jump levers in the SE and SW corner of the next room to open the gate up where you got those Medipacks before. So get back on that ladder and climb up, go N and down left to the opened gate.

Timed Gate.

A Gangster attacks from the right, take him out and get the Medipack, check out the N end of the room and shoot another Gangster to get his Glock ammo. There’s a Timed gate N, go back and find a lever in the S end of the passage. Use it and roll to sprint back into the Timed gate. Go left (N) and you are back at the Flooded Storage room, jump out left to that crate (more rats) and then over into the now open gate N.

The Canal Access Key, the Crowbar.

Pick up a small medipack and follow through passing a keyhole to a short passage where you’ll find an electricity box, shoot it and pick up the Canal Access Key under your feet. Go back a bit and open the gate with the key, go in and crawl left through a crevice to get the Crowbar there.

The Wires.

Go back to the passage where you got the Key and pry the Wires out of the electricity box you shot before.

The Code Card.

Now push the button next to the gate E and the gate opens up. Go inside where you were before and get the Flares up S, then throw the switch S and hear a ceiling hatch open up. Dive into the water and swim S, left and up in the open hatch. Place the Wires in the pipe W and jump to the doorway S to shoot the Gangster. Follow in and the next Gangster will leave a Code Card behind. Go into the Boat house.

The Boat House.

Climb the ladder SE and go right into the windowsill to get a Medipack, climb down again. Up E on the steps of this boat house is the Card Reader, open the door. Shoot the Fuse box inside and Secret #2 will be presented to you, pick up the Rose Jewel and then go into the passage NW, throw the lever to open a ceiling hatch. Go back into the previous room, hop onto the table and grab up S, follow through to a Fire Bowl.

Put the wine in the Bowl, pick up the Torch and ignite it on the flame. Ignite the Wine in the bowl and step out the Door to Venice…