The Phantom of the Opera.

Level by tombraider1703.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

The Blue Key.

Turn around, shoot the window and get in, take the Blue Key from the crate S and some Shotgun ammo from the table. Get out, dive into the canal, swim N a bit and climb out to the right, on some steps. Go into the little alley, shoot the windows and get into the house. Use the Blue Key W next to the ladder, there’s an explosion in the house where you got the Key. Go back there; avoid Flames and falling rubble SE to get into the crawlspace up left. Drop into the next room, get Glock ammo from the crate and go stand in front of one sloped floors E. Backflip to it and jump to grab a ladder, go to the one in the middle, and go up till you see the ledge behind you. Backflip to it go to the end of this small passage and jump to a block SW, use the lever. Throw it to stop the propeller below. Hop down in the water and swim E first to pick up Secret #1, the Shotgun.

Swim W and around the corner, throw an underwater lever to raise a block and go back. From the block a jump NW to grab the ladder, up and backflip to the lever ledge. Jump E, grab the ladder and go right into the opening to the attic. Get the small medipack behind a chair there and get out of the window to the awning.

Up to the Terraces, a Lasersight.

Jump to the pillar right (N) and stand-jump NE down to the windowsill in the alley. Get inside and throw the lever E to create a shortcut up from the room where you used the Blue Key. Now open the door W and go over the bridge to shoot the Gangster in the next room, get his Uzi ammo. Go into the window and jump into the window S, timing that swinging crate. Throw a lever W and go up the ladder, backflip onto the balcony above. Go N and shoot the dog. Over the bridge to the E and on the porch is the Lasersight. Go back over the bridge and to the zip-line behind the block NW.

Up the Deadly Pit.

Be prepared when you land, the trapdoors give way and you’ll end up on a breakable floor below, sideflip right and run into the opening. Walk slow to the other end and after the rubble fell, jump and grab the slanted wall N, go left to a ladder, pull up and backflip, jump and grab the ladder above. Go climb right to the other end and down a bit so you can backflip/roll and grab the ledge.

Climb up W and jump N to the ledge there. Up the ladder and left around into an opening. Throw the lever there to open the gate in the pit with the breakable tiles. Jump out to that ledge NE (or use the ladder) and DO NOT fall into the water, as cannot get out. Make your way down in the pit to a now raised platform. Go S and jump right around the corner into the open gate (Ctrl in the end).

The Ducts, the Glock 17.

Save at the drop off, slide backwards and grab the edge, go all the way left and pull up, run in left and quickly stand up as rats arrive. Run around the corner and jump over the pit with the Blade, jump onto the slanted duct and backflip, jump again to grab the ladder. Go up and backflip with roll to grab a ledge behind, now shimmy right to the low duct and get in. Throw the valve and the Spiked pit becomes a safe pit. Climb up E and run out right, grab the edge and safety drop down, swim through and go right passing the spikes to get the Glock 17. Swim back to the pit; get on the block and up the ladder.

A Bell.

Stand against the little fence and look E, you can see a Bell on the wall near by. No need wasting precious Glock ammo, shoot it with pistols and check the health as the only way down is a backflip over the little fence to the square below.

The Opera, a Crowbar.

Enter the big doors under the Bell and sprint through to the Main hall while rubble will fall behind you. Get onto the chandelier and jump to a crack S, go right and pull up. Turn and grab the monkey climb, go over to the other side and left into a short passage with a button. Pushing the button will cause the TNT in the Hall to explode. Hang out of the passage and safety drop to a tiny left over ledge below. Hop down to the brick block NE and run off, slide down into a crevice with a Blade. Stand back in the alcove N and run to jump/dive (Shift) over the Blade. Immediately duck and crawl left around the corner to a jump lever. Use the lever to raise a block near by. Hop on the block and get onto the rafters S, in the SW is the Crowbar.

The Yellow Key.

Get back to the block and down to the crowbar door E of it. Go in, shoot the rat and in the next room is a small medipack NE. Throw the lever W to lift the doors in the room with the darts. Get back and into those doors. Dive into the water to get the Yellow Key NW and the Phantom appears. When you climb out she’s gone…

Go back through the darts room to the Blade, time the runjump up through the Blade and stand in front of the slanted wooden block. Backflip and jump to the ladder, go right and climb up to the brick block. Stand on the highest tip and hop W onto the tiny ledge, jump E to grab the floor.

Downstairs SE is the lock for your Yellow Key. More rubble, so sprint in hugging the right hand wall. Here some Wraiths will show up, run all the way down the stairs SE and find a pool to get rid of them.

Labyrinths Pool.

On the floor SW are Flares, then go to the lever on the N side pillar, S is another one (Doesn’t matter which one you take first by the way).

N: Door in the W side of the pool opens, swim in, use the underwater lever (1) in the end of the tunnel, go left into the gate and down for another underwater lever (2), swim back and be careful to go low as there’s a Blade at the first underwater lever. Go down into an opened trapdoor in the bottom and follow back to the pool.

S: Be sure to save before you go into that underwater door, just swim straight through to the end, doors will open for you (stay well clear of them so you won’t get stuck in corners). Left around the corner and pick up the Glock ammo. When the door to the left opened up, roll and swim back to find an underwater lever (3) where a door now closed. Swim back to where you found the ammo, go left and follow through, go right at the now closed painting door and just follow that tunnel back to the pool. A block raised in the middle of the pool, so you can fill the Waterskin here later. Go back up the first stairs and take a right to go down the stairs in the N side of the Opera.

Mirror room with Spikes, the Waterskin.

The square inside is safe, the rest could be spiked. Lara looks at the Waterskin in the far SW corner. But first turn NE and jump into the alcove there to get Secret #2, 2x Uzi ammo and a Medipack.

I advise you to sidestep into the corners of the safe squares you can see in the mirror and then aim for the next square. Pick up the Waterskin and make your way to the room with the pool and fill it there.

Return to the upper floor and put the water in the left hand Bowl. Doors open up, Gangsters storm the Opera. Shoot them and pick up a small medipack and Uzi ammo. Pick up some Shotgun ammo from a crate NW and go out W to the Hall, up the stairs to the newly opened doors.

Ropes, Décor and a Bag of Sand.

Jump left or right over that gap in the floor and get on the crate to jump and grab the rope. Swing to the next and then swing E to the stage. Go for Shotgun ammo NE, then up the 2 high stacked crates there, jump to the rope SE and swing over onto the décor balcony SE. Up the ladder and go over the rafter to the monkey climb behind the curtain. Follow all the way to the S side rafter to pick up the Bag of Sand. Climb down the ladder there as far as possible and safety drop down. Go down to the Bowl W and put the Sand in the right hand Bowl (facing the stage). Pick up Shotgun ammo on the block SE and climb up to the stage.

Downstage, Harp puzzle.

Climb down where the platform lowered and in that room you can find the Uzis, a small and a large Medipack and Uzi ammo. Move that harp standing on the higher floor S onto that lowered platform and push the button on the side of the platform block. Climb back up using the ladder SE and move the harp to the white tile on the stage. The Phantom shows up again W.


This time go to her to shoot her and pick up the Mask, go place it on the stand on the stage and the level ends.