Night Before Carnival.

Level by Kat.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Go to the left hand window, shoot it and stand left, take a step back from the balcony and hop down into an open manhole below. Get the small medipack and climb up.

The Yellow Key.

Go over to the canal W, jump to the jetty W and look NE, standing on the NE corner. Just behind that red striped pole is a ledge and on the wall behind it a jump lever. Run and jump onto the orange ledge, then a standjump to the jump lever, youíll see a door open up. Swim W all the way to the end and climb on the jetty, careful, thereís a spike pit inside. From the table you can climb up and go to a window, pick up the Yellow Key. A Gangster shows up, shoot him and get a small medipack. Get down and to the canal, swim back E and left of the jump lever, climb up to the jetty N to pick up the Shotgun ammo there. At the bottom under the Gondola are Flares.


Swim into the tunnel NE of this jetty, go up at first chance and climb out to get more Shotgun ammo on the balcony. Go back into the room and use the Yellow key on the lock E. Go in and jump past the first Spike bags, turn left and spot the lever N of the spike bag. Step in to use it and see a gate open up. Turn back W through this passage, dive into the water at the door and swim N and climb up to get Secret #1, a Rose Jewel and Shotgun ammo. Swim back and climb back up at the yellow keyhole.

Now get back on track; passing the spike bags again, go right in the end of the passage and right again to a balcony after the rubble fell. Push the button there to open a door upstairs. Go S and stand on the low wooden ledge, face the spikes block and jump when you expect the spikes to be up, jump and grab the floor above. Go to the open door and screen will show you where to jump. Do a banana curve jump out to the right and grab the awning (savegame).

Timed run/swim to the door.

Jump over to the S and get inside, step on a collapsible tile E and hop back, then safety drop down into the hall. Shoot a Gangster and his dog and push a button N to open a shortcut, Go up the ladder at the door and go to a Timed lever in the alcove NE.

Route is; Use lever, backflip, turn left, run against the wall turning right over the ladder hole onto the balcony, dive over the balustrade and swim straight N, get on the jetty left of the gondola and hop into the opening through the right hand side of it.

Inside, climb up left and use the valve, a gate opens below.

Waterworks Labyrinth.

Go out and jump in the water next to the gondola. Swim through the tunnel and go left into an opening keep to the middle as there are nasty propellers left and right. Go straight into the tunnel W and follow down to an underwater lever N, it will open the near by gate E. Go in and first straight to the end where youíll find a breathing hole. Turn around and save. Swim back along the bottom, take a right into the opening, then up and right again (E), down in the next room and out through the broken window. Up in the next room to get air.

Monkey Climbs and Trapdoors.

Swim into the tunnel NE and second right, climb up into a deadly tunnel. The gratings are deadly, you have to jump over the slanted sides to get to the ledge with the lever up E. Time the Burners and maybe save between the two burners so you wonít have to do the first part over again (savegame). Throw the lever there after timing the Burner and a ceiling hatch opens up. Going back you can do a far runjump almost passing both Burners so only a few more jumps are needed. (seems there is a monkey climb on the ceiling so you can also use that to get back over the burners)

Swim back to the large room and climb up NW, up the ladder to the floor above. Shoot the rat and find an opening W, get down the ladder and use the button down there to switch the position of some ceiling hatches in monkey climbs.

Go back up and dive down in the water below, climb out SE and hop onto the table there, Grab the monkey climb to get into the opening W. Inside is a button, it will open a ceiling hatch somewhere. Now go back up to the upper floor using the ladder NW, down into the small room W and push the button again. Go back up and go over to the SE corner of the upper floor, grab the monkey climb there to go over to an opening N.

To the Golden Key.

Climb the ladder there through the ceiling hatch you opened. Shoot the rats and go W through the window. The duct SW is where you have to go. Get onto the monkey climb from the table W, drop grab and get in. Drop out from the other end and slide, then jump to get onto a safe spot, turn W and grab up. Follow this duct and climb over a crate, shooting some rats as you go along. Step through the curtain and get the Golden Key from the table. Step through the open door, shoot the dog and hop into the water to get to the jetty S of the balcony. Use the Key there and in this hallway are 2 Harps in the windowsills, move both onto the trigger tiles and go up the ladder W. Go onto the balcony S and shoot the opposite window, jump over with a grab to get in that room.


Go over to the fireplace and walk slowly along the left or right hand side passing the fire, just run down into the downward chimney and land in the sewers. Climb up left and use the lever S to open a hatch, go to that ladder and up.

The Code Card, the Glock and the Lasersight.

Shoot the Dogs and go to the gravestone S, pull it away from the trapdoor and climb down. Go W into a storage room and hop on the nearest crate to get the Code Card. Shoot the Gangster and make a note of that door NW and climb back up to the square. Approach the small door NW and it opens, shoot the Gangster. Pick up the Glock he will drop and use the Card inside. That door in the storage room below opens up. Make your way down there and enter the door NW. Shoot the dog and go over the crate E to get behind the swinging crate, jump up to the crates in the back and get the Lasersight there. Make your way back up to the square.

The Mansion, a Bundle of Keys, the Shotgun.

Look up W to spot the Bell, shoot it. Go into the large open doors W and shoot the Gangster, he will drop a Bundle of Keys. In the SE corner of the lobby is a lever, it opens the door behind you (S wall) go in and get the Shotgun. Turn around and open the door with the Keys you have and go down to a storage room. 2 Gangsters arrack, one leave a Medipack (none too soon either) Go down to the Timed button N and raise a platform S with it.

Route is; Hop back turning left, hop back on the crates left and jump S, then SE to the stack in the middle. From there to the S and then around the corner to the platform, from there up left into the opening behind the crates.

Stop there and donít run down the shaft. Hang from the edge and in my case Lara had a bit of a problem to get her feet up the ladder, climb down and shoot rats to get the Red Wine. Climb back up and safety drop into the storage room.

The Library.

Go back to the lobby and open some double doors NW (N wall), follow into the Library. Inside (NW) is a passage between the bookcases W. Pull the table out and leave it on that lowered platform (second square out), go into the passage and slowly walk through the curtain. Hop over the pit and climb the metal ladder in the back, from the top of the metal ladder a backflip/roll and immediately sideflip to the left. Go up where the boulder came from and grab up to the right. Get in for Secret #2, a Rose Jewel.

Open Paintings, the Platform Lever, the Crowbar.

Get out to the bookcase and jump into an alcove behind the collapsible tiles SE, push the button and hear a door open up. Jump back and use the ladder to get down, back through the curtain E and turn right in the Library. Climb up into that alcove in the bookcase SW. Turn and jump out left (NE) to grab the bookcase there.

Turn around again and jump up to the bookcase SW, go in W where the painting opened. Throw the lever there and the platforms change position. Go back to the platform and move the table onto the bookcase. Jump back to the platform lever and use it again. Now the table can get onto the white square E. The painting up in the E wall opens. Get over there via the chandelier and just run out the other end of the passage to land on a block with the Crowbar. Now go to the popping spikes and jump through to get into the safe NW corner, face E and stand left. Hop onto the block E when those spikes there are up and immediately sideflip right. Jump into the opening S and open the crowbar door. Youíre on the first floor landing.

First Floor.

Go right (W) and jump over the corner of the balustrade into the alcove NW, get the Shotgun ammo. Jump SE, and go back over to the N side to get to the staircase NE.

Ground Floor, a Code Card.

Go down and straight to the door S where the Shotgun was found. Take a right and then a left at the closed gate, you can open that panel behind the plant with the crowbar. Follow in and climb down to get the Code Card there (SW), get back up to the lobby, go back up (N) to the first floor.

First Floor, Pool Area, a Waterskin.

Go to the far SE corner and get a small medipack E (none too soon). Then open the near by doors S and go right to the plant in the corner, duck and crawl through the curtain. Inside you can use the Code Card, go back out and to the curtain that lifted S. Follow through and shoot the dog. Go on and shoot the Gangster in the next hall. Go out SW to the pool, go into the passage SW and left, hop over the Blades and throw the lever there to open a gate in the pool. Hop back and dive in, swim through the tunnel E and avoid the Blades, get the Waterskin in the next room. Get back and out N, shoot another Gangster and make your way back to the first floor lobby.

A Secret and a Torch.

Go left over the landing, left again into a passage S and to the room in the back. Next to the door S you can place a Rose, turn around and on the other side (N) is another receptacle, place the other Rose. Go into the opened door and get Secret #3, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Get out and W is a Harp, get a Torch from under that Harp (face SW and grab it). Head back to the landing. Go to the ground floor (NE) and W is a door you can open with the keys. Go in bringing the Torch and ignite it on the wall torch. Take it back out and go to the first floor.

The Bag of Sand.

Into the passage SW (S wall) and ignite the wall torch on the right, drop the Torch, go in and use the chain pulley. A gate opens up, thatís the one where the Shotgun was found. Go back to the ground floor taking the Torch, leave the Torch in the lobby and go straight into the door S and right into the room where the Bag of Sand is. While here you can also fill the Waterskin. Back to the lobby, take the Torch and go into the room with the Bowls W, put all the elements in the bowls and ignite the Wine.


Drop through the trapdoor and slide to the room with the Carnival Mask. A Demigirl attacks, shoot her and a door opens N. Walk up slow and as soon as you trigger the boulder, roll and sprint back out and to the side. Go climb up where the boulder came from and then jump over to the ladder above the Blade. Follow the monkeyclimb and go up the ladder till Laraís feet are one step above the transparent part, backflip and jump/grab again. Go up and open the door to the jetty with the speedboat.