No Warehouses in Venice?

Level by Gerty.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

The Glock.

Jump into the water, swim W a bit and swim through a small opening of the wall N. Go up a bit and swim to the right and around the corner left towards the breathing hole straight ahead. Swim N to some crates, get the Medipack and use the underwater lever and watch the flyby. Swim back to the breathing hole to find the water level has risen, so you can climb out. Shoot the gangster and get the Glock from the table.

The Warehouse Key.

Back in the water and now swim W towards the fan and you should see a small opening on the left (S wall). Swim in and use the underwater lever there and swim out again, swim to the far corner NW though the open gate. Climb out W and up the crates and into the crawlspace. Go S, pick up the Warehouse Key and watch a cut scene, go up the ramp and jump the pit. Then drop down the shaft in the end to land in water. NW are some Flares and after picking them up go to the platform E. Jump to grab the ledge and hoist up, get your guns and shoot the gangster and his dog. Get the Glock ammo that the guy leaves behind.

To the Lasersight.

Go to the headstone at the N wall and push it to that marked tile E, a block goes up in the middle of the room. Shoot the rats, climb the wooden crate near the S wall and jump on top of the of the white block. Stand as left as possible and just slightly adjust Lara a bit (aim for the white crate) and start a running jump when the swinging crate is in front of the white block. Grab at the last moment and pull up. Get the Glock ammo and use the lever at the wall. The doors down in the water are now open (N), so jump in the water and swim out to the right (E) back to the start and climb out S.

The Old Warehouse, the Lasersight, Mask Piece 1.

Use the Warehouse Key and enter. Shoot the gangster inside, climb on a crate N to jump to the jump lever on the wall. This raises a block at the W wall. Get into the crawlspace and lower yourself down at the other end. Shoot all the bats and retrieve the Laser Sight. Climb the hill SW all the way up to the highest tip and keep an eye out for a boulder. From there, jump N to the rafters. Keep jumping to the lever at the N wall (NW). This will lower a block behind the swinging crates. Jump there and retrieve Mask Piece 1. Take a running jump to the ladder and get out of this building.

The “Venice Wad” Shop.

Once outside go W and around the corner, look up (N) and shoot the bell there. A door opens SW, go inside the shop and shoot the dog and his master and if you are quick you can get a small medipack in the other room NW before the gangster nicks it. Shotgun ammo is hidden behind the crates in the E room and in the W room is a trapdoor. Climb the table and open it. Shoot the rats and get a Medipack NW and Secret #1, a Rose Jewel SE.

For another Secret.

Get down and open the doors W, go to the canal S and swim under the doors there. Climb up E and onto the crate left (N). Stand on the crate, face W and turn slightly left as you have to jump to the left of the opposite crate. Take a running jump and slightly veer to the right and grab the upper ledge. Use the lever and jump into the water and swim through the open door (S) and follow through till you see some poles then swim right and around the corner get Secret #2, another Rose Jewel. You can get a breather at the ceiling and then swim back. Climb out, head N and go into the alley W.

The Shotgun.

There will be a gangster with his dog so after you got rid of them climb the ladder S and shoot out the window. Rats… get the Shotgun SE and shoot out another window N and jump over to the other side. Rats again but this time the human kind. NW is a crawlspace, crawl to the end before lowering down.

Backstage Storage, the Crowbar.

Once on the rafters go E and avoid the swinging boxes (best way to do it is shimmy along the ledge passing the first, pull up between the two and run passing the second to jump) and jump to the other side. Pick up the Crowbar.

Jump over to the next rafter (N) and then to the last. NW is a jump lever so pull it and fall to the ground floor. If you want some pick ups; go E and on the crates against the N wall is a Medipack. On the right is a lever against one of the crates; this raises a crate so you can climb back to the rafters in case you didn’t get the crowbar. At the W wall are also crates there you can find a small medipack and Flares.

Ruined Opera House.

Go out the door into the ruined Opera House. The Medipack S is hard to get, if you are lucky and the ceiling doesn’t fall on Lara, use the “duck” key to retrieve it. Go up the stairs and avoid the boulders and arm yourself as a gangster is lurking in the dark. Go to the S and get that Medipack on top of the crates there and from there to the SE corner and crawl into a crawlspace. Go in and follow through on the left are Flares and on the right a ladder down.


Shoot the gangster and his dog and get a Medipack in the shrine SE. Go W and push that gravestone towards the wall (S) behind the stone slab. Go through the doors to the next street. In the water behind the crate is some Shotgun ammo. Then go to the little bookstore and shoot out the windows. There is Revolver ammo on the table SW, ad a lever NE. Pull the lever and go outside, shoot the dogs and go back to the lever and save as you saw that his was a timed lever.

Underground passage, a Waterskin.

Pass the emitters, climb down at the end, run over the collapsible floor and shoot some rats. Jump in the water and get a small medipack near that crate and a bit further NE some Shotgun ammo. Swim through the opening E and get out of the water. Climb the chain and back flip, up the ladder and climb quite high and again a back flip with grab to catch the next ladder. Open the trapdoor and hoist up. Pick up the Waterskin from the table and go to the E wall and open the door there with the crowbar. In the next room go to the far SW corner for a Medipack and NE for another crowbar door.

The Theatre.

There are some bats and rats running around here. Go over the rafters to the SE and lower yourself to the ground floor. Use the lever in the SE corner. This opens a grate back backstage but you can’t get there. So open the doors E and shoot the gangsters. You can fill the Waterskin in the small pond outside if you want, go back into the portal of this theatre and find a jump switch in the NE corner. Now the curtain is up in the theatre so go back stage and go right. Push the mirror in front of that lonely chair, this raises a block (SW) so you can get back up the rafters. Make your way to the gate N and crawl in.

Underground Again.

Fall through the floor into water and climb out W. Pass the spikes (the third tile is safe) and watch out so you don’t fall into the deadly water.

Basements, a Torch and Red Wine.

NW is a Medipack and after picking that up, go to the SW to get the Torch near the steaming pipes. Jump back NE to the ledges as you have to ignite the Torch before you leave this place. You do that in the office SE. Also grab the bottle of Red Wine that is on the table there. After igniting the Torch jump N and from there make your way to the NW corner. Throw the Torch under the clothesline to that gate and go over the ledges to the SW corner to activate a jump switch on the W wall. Jump back to where the Torch is and crawl under the clothesline. Throw the Torch through the crawlspace and pick it up and throw it down at the end. Climb down the ladder and come to a body of shallow water. You can run/sprint through the water along the left or right side though. Drop the Torch on high ground and go back to retrieve the Bag of Sand from a crate in the water.

Back to the Torch and climb up some steps, save and the pour the Water in the right bowl, the Red Wine in the middle and the bag of Sand in the left bowl (do not save/reload in between). Ignite the Red Wine with the Torch and enter. Take the Torch with you.

The Library, the Harp Puzzle.

There are four wall torches you have to ignite, they are on the large bookcases; this lowers a crate at the SW so you can access a lever. You can drop the Torch and forget about it.

Go W and use the lever, this lowers a platform left of the staircase. Push the Harp onto it and use the wall lever again to raise the Harp.

Up the stairs and get your guns out as two gangsters are waiting for Lara. Push the Harp all the way to the NE corner and find a lever hidden among the books on the left to raise a platform. Climb up the bookcases, go to the N side and push the Harp on that trigger tile with the gold band.

Mask Piece 2.

Now go back downstairs and to the very end (N) and jump into the opening behind the painting. Pick up Mask Piece 2 and the mission is accomplished.