Level by Tinka.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Better use the original Title Tr4 that came along with the download as you might experience crashes if you don’t.

“Quartiere Cannaregio di Venezia.”

The Glock.

Go E and immediately left around the corner is the Glock in a short passage, duck to get it. Then go into the passage on the other side (S) and around the corner of this little place is a cross. Go behind it and push it. Draw your pistols, duck and shoot the Demigirl that appears.

The Harp Puzzle.

A gate opened, so go out, left and S into a room with many harps behind windows. The clue to the puzzle is on the floor so pull/push the Harp SE (left one) on the “flower” tile just outside the alcove and the SE right one as well (The Harp behind the broken window SW is a Fire trap). Go NW and pull that once, also outside the alcove. Cut scene of a gate and that is outside and to the right (NE).

The Sewer Access.

Shoot the dog behind you and pick up some Flares. There is a timed lever on the E wall, this raises a block SW, so pull it, jump back with a roll and hop on the block, roll again and jump forward to get one floor up. Go right and pull up (face W) and go right, right and left, shoot the bats. Around to the left is a button.

This lowers a flame under a Rose. Go back and keep to the right and into a crawlspace (N), another button on the E wall. Go back out and one floor down (SE corner). Go N and right, around the corner a block has been lowered so you can use the button there. Use the ladder down to get Sewer Access (Rose). Back on the ladder and climb off left and jump back. Go back up one floor (SE) and to the right around corners to find a new opening in the E wall. Grab Secret #1, a Compass. Nothing more to do here, so go back to the ground floor and into the opening SE.

Around the corner right is a trapdoor (E), open it and get into the water below. There are only pick-ups in here, keep swimming to the right and pick up some Flares, a Medipack and Glock ammo. Swim back to the ladder (N) and up. Go to the N wall and on the right, place the Sewer Access. Shoot the gangster and his dog.

The Sewers, a Code Card.

Jump in the water, grab the Glock ammo SW, then swim into an opening left (N), swim left into the chamber W and get the Glock ammo NE. Back in the water and left (N), climb out of the water. Remember that ladder NW. For now go N and fight three gangsters, one leaves a Code Card and another Glock ammo. Go back in and now go up the ladder, to the right. Be prepared to fight for your life as three gangsters appear, one leaves a Medipack. Go to the left all the way in the back and the door there opens when you approach. Again, go left and to the NE corner and use the Code Card. Use the switch you find to open an underwater gate. Back SW through the door, go down the ladder to the water edge and first swim straight and then to the left E.

Room with the Pipes.

On the right (S) climb out and use the Valve you find here, go to the water edge and from here side flip twice over the pipes to the other side and use the valve there too. A gate opens up S, side flip once to get between the pipes and go S, jump and grab up and go up the ladder. Save there.

Jumps and Pulleys.

Hang in the middle and go over the top, start slide/jumping and the camera changes, when Lara starts to go left in the camera view, steer right on these jump so she will land on a safe block. There’s a gate N you have to open with the chain pulley SW. Jump to the rope W to get to that block and use the pulley. Get back with the rope to the passage with the gate (or by jumping to the slanted blocks E) and enter. To the left is another pulley, use it to open an underwater door. Go on and in the next alcove left is a small medipack. Go up S and use the valve to flood the Jumps room. Go there swim to the NE and down the ladder, Side flip left (W) over the pipe and get into the water.

The Labyrinth, a Crowbar.

Swim right around the corner) through the door you opened. Take the second right and find a small medipack. Better go back for air when you want to go for the Crowbar. Swim back in and take a left where you found the medipack. In the labyrinth, go left and to the back, take a right and then take the second left, just around that corner is the Crowbar. Swim back N and at the wall left, around a corner right, take a left at the intersection, when you see a pipe, go right through the door, passing a pipe on the right and swim straight (W) for air.

Timed Run/Swim, the Wires.

This is the entrance chamber to the sewers. From this chamber go N and to the right. Get out of the water go to the end (E), turn around, jump and grab up to the floor above.

W is an electric box, shoot it and use the button. This raises a platform around the corner (SE) Climb on the block on the right and use the monkey climb to get on that raised platform (not the first one but the second). Jump and grab up E, shoot the fuse box and pry the Wires out of it. Then go SW and save before use the Timed jump lever. Get a cut scene of an opening in a floor. Better if you look at it closely and save again after the lever resets so you won’t get the flyby again when you have to try over.

Timed Run/Swim for the Circuit Box Access Key.

Go out, run down on the platform then onto the floor go right and again down one more floor, into the water, go straight W and out of the water, to grab up through the opened ceiling hatch W. (little trick: Light a flare before you use the lever, when you run down onto the platform, throw it away just before you get down onto the floor; notice Lara will recover sooner from the high drop) (savegame)

Pick up the Circuit Box Access Key and Glock ammo. Locate the crawlspace up NE and get in, push a button around the corner and see a gate go up. Go back out and down the open trapdoor, swim E and take a left in the next chamber. Climb out and go up the ladder NW again. Follow through, W and then left to the red area. Go left there and to the right are gates you can open with the Access Key. Inside you have to place the Wires, two gates open NW (in here is switch # 2) and a bit further back through the red area SE (switch # 1).

Timed Run for the Door, a Bundle of Keys, Red Wine and a Code Card.

Go first SE and save in front of switch #1. Flip it run back through the red area and into the corner left (NW), flip switch # 2 as well, roll and run out SE (passing the place where you used the wires) around the corner into the open door. Check out the route first as it is a tight run. Pick up the Bundle of Keys, the Brunello di Montalcino and Glock ammo you will need now. Shoot the enemies and then look under the cloth rack SE and duck to pick up the Code Card.

Get out and head back S and right to get back to the ladder and the water chambers. Go left (N) from the ladder and into the alley N, use the Keys there. Shoot the dog, doors will open up. Go N and right to get a small medipack, then head W and open the double doors. Don’t go up the stairs yet but take a left into a room with a Bowl. Behind the plant S is a lever, you don’t have to throw it yet, but remember where it is. Go back to the stairs, up one flight and straight in a short passage (W). Use the Card to open the door there (the gate here was opened with a button where the Circuit Box Key was found). Go in and get Secret #2, another Compass.

The Front Door Key.

Go out and right around the corner up the stairs and shoot a dog, get a Medipack from the window in the second room. The painting up W is a timed door operated by the lever behind the plant. So go back, down the stairs to the room with the bowl and the lever behind the plant. Do the timed run to get into the painting and get the Front Door Key. Back downstairs and the Front Door is opposite the room with the Bowl.

The Headquarters Key.

Dive into the canal where the boats are. On the W side is an underwater lever, use it to open a gate NW in the canal. Swim in there and go right, left, second left, in the back is the Headquarters Key on the bottom. There’s also a ceiling hatch in this room. Swim back out and go over to the NE corner of the City square. Open the big double doors there with the Key and go in.

The Headquarters, Mask Piece 1 and more Wine.

Some Gangsters and dogs will greet you. After the battle go NW into a room with red chairs, shoot the resistance and pick up another bottle of Brunello di Montalcino (you will have only 1 bottle in your inventory) SE. One of the Gangsters dropped Mask Piece 1. Go up the stairs NE from the hall and shoot that window to the right to get Glock ammo and a small medipack. Proceed up the stairs.


Shoot the dogs, notice the door with the Mask stands E, one Mask is missing. Head for the crowbar door NW, inside are Gangsters and you’ll find Mask Piece 2, dropped by one of them. The other crowbar door SE is empty.

Storage Rooms.

Go place the Mask E and the door opens. Go through the storage room into the passage E and climb up a ladder NE in the next room. Go up W where you’ll find boulders blocked by tables.

Table NW, pull it N once and the boulder drops down.

Table in the middle, pull it S once and the boulder drops down.

Table SW, the hardest, push it S once and immediately start running down the slope, jump with a right hand curve to escape the boulder while it drops down (or a simple back flip).

A gate opens up on ground floor of the Headquarters.

A Bag of Soil and a Waterskin.

Go down to the lower room again and W to the big storage, climb the table SE and jump to grab the crates SE, turn around and climb up to the passage above. In my rush to escape from the rats I ran straight through the Blade and didn’t get hurt. But the trick is to time it and quickly run through the corner (the W side Blade). Pick up a small medipack and a Bag of Soil. Go back down and in the storage room is a table with a mirror S; pull it away from the Waterskin and grab that.

Element Puzzles.

Go out W and down to the ground floor, go into newly opened room W and Wraiths show up, run out to the square and take a right towards the bridge, jump into the canal. Climb back out NE and just around the corner of the bridge is a shallow pool where you can fill the Waterskin. Go back inside to the room with the Bowls W and put Soil (left) and Water (right) in the Bowls.

Go to a jump lever in the corner of this room and use it to open a painting door upstairs. Go there and into the opening W, pull out the SW Harp and then move it onto the flower E, next to the other Harp that is a trap. The door opens and reveals Secret #3, another Compass. Shoot the rats or just run out and get back to the ground floor. Go to the open gate E, put the Wine in the Bowl, pick up the Torch (SE) and ignite it. Then ignite the Wine and the Headquarters explode. Go out and to the square. A door opened E, but first we go to the canal. Dive in NW and swim into the open gate NW again to where you found the key before, that ceiling hatch is now open. In the back of this room is Secret #4, the last Compass.

Swim back, climb up at the bridge and go to that door E, open the double doors ahead and step out.