The Rose, the Witch and the Godfather.

Level by Isis.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

First dive into the pool and get the Shotgun ammo SW. On a small wooden shack SE are Flares.

The Crowbar.

Go to the small balcony with the palm tree Lara looks at, face W standing against the tree and hit Ctrl, Lara will grab the tree. Turn with your back to the pillar in the pool and go up to where her head goes into the leaves and then backflip. Jump to the pillar N and onwards to the balcony. From there a run jump (to grab) the roof SW, go up and into the alley SW, jump over to get the Crowbar and immediately backflip back to the roof.

Timed Run to the Door.

Jump back to the balcony N and go to the E to jump to the terrace SE, go up the ladder and open the crowbar door there. Thereís a Timed lever inside to open the door you saw in the flyby, up SE of the square. If you manage to get the jump to the roof W in one go, the run wonít be too hard.

Now to get there; Light a flare and save at the lever, pull and turn left, just run out of the passage and throw the flare away just before you land, so Lara will get on her feet sooner. Jump NW to the balcony, a running jump from the W side SW onto the roof, run to the S and jump onto the roof there. Get into that passage S and follow through, hop onto the blocks and down the other side to reach the Timed door. (savegame) If you use the save; you are standing in front of the door, so run in before it closes (about 4 seconds to spare).

The Canal Area.

Slide and jump over the Blade, donít land in the water below, but slide far and do a jump with a slight left curve to that white arch ahead, just slide down onto a roof texture, then jump again to the left a bit onto that tall brick pillar. A Flyby shows you around.

(If you do land into the water there is a way out (W and to the right and follow through) and luckily you donít have to do that timed run again, but still the slide and jump to that white arch)

Jump down to the jetty NW, stand on the NE tip and spot the ladders NE, to the right of the ladder is a highlighted metal bar, Jump there and grab it, shimmy left to the ladder. Go left around the corner and up to the top of the orange pillar.

Detour for two Secrets.

Get back on the ladder, go next to the roof and one step above it (screenshot), drop and grab so Lara hangs on the roof, traverse left to where you can drop down to Secret #1, the Shotgun and Shotgun ammo, pull up S and slide down to a chimney. Face NE and run onto the roof to slide down backwards; grab and drop onto a ledge in front of a window. Shoot it and get Secret #2, a Medipack and Glock ammo.

Jump S to the big closed doors and then hop left, now a jump NE to that jetty again. Get back to the ladder and up to the orange pillar (Looking down S you can see a platform went up, I think it was meant for getting back to the zip-line after getting Secret 1, but this way we got them both Secrets in one go).

Run down into the passage N and grab that zip-line to go down to a passage S. Push the button to open big doors, jump back to that jetty N (a straight jump without grab). Turn around and jump into the opening or grab the ladder at the gondola SW.

The Glock, Lasersight and a Torch.

Shoot the dog (donít fall into the canal) and Lara looks at some TNT crates, that looks like funÖ

Go into the passage E and follow through, go left at the keyhole. Open the ceiling hatch in the end and go up to a house. Go through W and shoot the Gangster, pick up the Glock where he drops it. Pull that table NW onto a marked white tile in the band around the carpet (once E and twice S). The painting N opens up, get in and pick up Glock ammo and the Lasersight.

A Torch.

Go into the alcove where you pulled the table from and use the valve, go to the fireplace and get a Torch. I threw out a few more to be sure. Use the valve again and ignite a Torch. Go back to the room E and leave the Torch near the N passage.

Red Wine.

Go S down to the kitchen and open the cabinet SE with the Crowbar, get the Red Wine. Go back to the room N.

The Heart.

Shoot the window E and jump in, look up E and shoot that bell there. Jump out onto the jetty and go into the opened doors. Go up the stairs and shoot a Gangster, shoot the window in the room upstairs and get the Heart, run back down and ignore the dog, just get into the water, under the house SE is a Medipack.

The Cellar Key.

Jump back into the window W and a new Gangster awaits you. Shoot him to get the Cellar Key. Take the Torch with you when you go into the passage N, go to that keyhole and open the door with your key. As soon as you go in, rats will come for you. I just ran out and left up the passage to the canal (donít jump in), when I returned to the cellar the rats were gone.

Big Bang.

Pour the Wine in the bowl and ignite it with the Torch. A big explosion and the room above is ruined, leaving the fence open. Leave the Torch, as you donít need it anymore. Go out and left up the stairs to the Storage room and get into the ruined S part (those arenít spikes, just rubble). Go through to the passage W and come to a Library.

The Library.

Go in and down the stairs, at this point 2 Wraiths attacked. The nearest safe water I could come back from easily was the canal near the house where the Wine was, so out of the Library E, left at the explosion site and E into the passage, left at the keyhole, up left at the hatch and out of the window left. Get back to the Library.

Another water site is a place we visit later, up the stairs again, left to the N side and W to the end, shoot the window N and jump through to the water below, climb back using the ladder.

Basements, Hazardous Monkey Climb, Librarianís Silver Key.

All the way down to the W in the Library youíll find some stairs. Go down the stairs and into a passage, two dogs attack and in the room E is a small medipack on the bookcase, then go into the passage and in the opening N.

Just right around the corner get the Shotgun ammo.

Save at the pit and watch the ceiling for a while, the monkey climb comes and goes. The idea is to get the one of the fans while the monkey climb shows and wait there (save) till it returns. First go hang at the end of the first solid part of the monkey climb and save. Get to the other side along the right hand side (left for the viewer) and drop in the passage, pick up the Librarianís Silver Key in the corner. Follow to the end as the block lowered.


Go on and jump to the pillar, then shoot the rat on the rafter and jump up there. Jump to the W to use the switch W and then jump to the raised platform S. Pry the Wires out of the fuse box. Jump back to the rafter and place the Wires E. Jump S to where the platform lowered and the door will open on approach.

Downstairs Secret Hunt.

To the bookcase straight ahead and turn left into the isle, to the right in an alcove is a Timed button, push it to open a trapdoor in the S side of this room. Roll, run E, right around the corner and straight SW, passing the staircase and then take a left around the corner there. Under the trapdoor is Secret #3, 2 small medipacks and Glock ammo. Climb back up E, go to the S wall from the trapdoor where you can open a crowbar panel, Secret #4, Flares and a small medipack. One more panel to open further down S for Secret #5, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo.

Go back up the stairs of the Library.

Over the Chandeliers, the Librarianís Gold Key.

Go left to the N side, spot the 2 keyholes NE, next to the double door E. Go into the passage W, left in the end and hop on that chandelier, climb up the chain and back flip into an opening behind you (N side) and look for the spot where you can jump to the row of chandeliers. From there jump to the tiny balcony W and flip the switch to raise a platform at the N side. Hop N over the balustrade and grab the chain to get back down. Go to the block near that raised platform and climb up to the platform. Now jump and grab SW to catch the monkey climb under the chandeliers and go over to the S side. From the table you can grab the top of the SW bookcase, get the Librarianís Gold Key there.

Use the Keys.

A platform lowered in the SW corner of this place, climb down and go E and look right around that bookcase to get a small medipack.

Open up the Way. (You could also do this later after you get the Vespa)

Head to the NE corner and use the keys there. Go down the corridor and push a button to open a small door to the canal (If you go N and follow through you get back at the start of the level). Follow the corridor further down and come to a large cave. There is one pick-up here, go SW and jump up to the right and get the Medipack. Have a good look at the chasm as you have to use the scooter to get over it. There is nothing you can do here for now. Go back to the Library and straight W along the N side, shoot the last window to the right and get in.

Preparations, the Nitrous Oxide Canister.

Hop down into the water and swim SW to get the Nitrous Oxide Canister. Go E and find the underwater lever on the S wall, a rope will drop from a rafter.

The Valve Pipe.

Swim to the NW and climb the ladder there, in the passage W is the Scooter, thatís for later. Jump NE onto that terrace with the swinging crate and from there you can jump and grab that rope. Turn left and swing, then jump to the left hand side of the opening E. Look for the window SW and jump there to get the Medipack, jump back and pick up Glock ammo S. Now open the doors and get the Valve Pipe from the wall.

The Vespa Scooter.

Notice 2 platforms have now risen in the pool, hop down into the water and climb out NW and up the ladder. Jump to the near by platform then into an opening SE, pull the chain there and 2 more platforms go up. Get back to that passage in the building W and shoot the Gangster and his dog. Go up to the Scooter and combine the Valve pipe and Canister, then mount the Nitrous Oxide Feeder on the Scooter.

Go to the passage leading to the platforms and stand back. Hit Ctrl and sprint and jump to the first platforms, trick is to release sprint a bit here so the Scooter will land on the front of the last platform, hit sprint again and you should end up in the passage (savegame). When you just hold sprint all the way, you probably wonít make it as the last platform will not be touched.

Finale, to the Crypt.

Go up the steep ramp and into the open doors left (or open them now), follow the corridor down and in the next corner after the small door, stop and back up the bike so youíll face the cave below. Sprint in to the right hand side of the slope, curving left just before you jump over a deep pit. Save (savegame) and carefully go left around the corner at the water, go with some speed up the right hand wooden ramp, over a small pit and passing a gate to the left. Save again and go down the ramp to the right.

The Flionenti Rose.

Jump into the crypt, place the Heart on the tomb W and shoot the ghost of the Gangster. Turn and take out the Demigirl, get the Flionenti Rose she will leave behind. Take the Scooter and go E, left into an open curtain. Follow the passage, jump some pits and ride down the Gangsters. In the end you have a choice, go up the left side with the Scooter or up the wooden passage by jumping up the steps.

Leave the Scooter up there (the passage E leads back to the canal and the small door you opened to the Library corridor). We have to go up the W side, shoot the rats and open a gate with a lever to the right. Climb the ladder and drop out of the window where the level started it will end too. Go E and place the Rose in the receptacle.