The Black Lodge.

Level by eTux.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

“Fire Walk with me…”

The Library.

Go N and get the Uzi ammo, NW more Uzi ammo, go to the stairwell S and spot the closed door left, go up and turn right to the first floor of the Library, in the SE is 2x Uzi ammo, NW on a table the Uzis. Go back out S and left to the other end of the balcony where you can go up the stairs to the top floor of the Library. There are cables holding up a grated floor and on that floor is a pile of rubble. First hop onto the grated floor, duck and shoot the box SE, then go around the room to shoot the other three. The grated floor gives way and the falling rubble will open the ground floor up so a trapdoor is revealed.

For a Secret.

Make your way back down the stairs to the balcony and go straight, to the right in the end to get back to the first floor of the Library. The wall crumbled in the NE corner, crawl through and save in front of the Timed lever to open that door to the cellar. Use it, roll and run to the crawlspace hitting duck at the last moment. Get up as soon as possible and run with a left curve to jump over the balustrade to the floor below. Jump up to the floor S and run into the lower staircase, run as far as possible before you jump to the right hand side of the door. Quickly get through and claim Secret #1.

Get onto the roof you are under and get the Shotgun and 2x Shotgun ammo. Jump to the red awning S, hop SW around the corner to the next and run inside the opening SE. Inside you find Shotgun ammo and a Medipack.

Go back outside and make your way to the ground floor of the Library, open the trapdoor in the floor, drop down through that trapdoor.

The Mysterious Curtain Rooms.

Pick up the Flares and go on, pick up more Flares and come to a cave with a red curtain shaft. Open the doors and watch the show, most of the important items pass your screen. Go out W and to the left is a room with a Mask stand (later), go to the right (N) to the last room and first pick up 2x Uzi ammo. Now you have to exactly follow the compass directions, because when you think you can shortcut to one of the rooms you might find a totally different situation from what I describe, it all has to do with flipmap rooms.

Double Harp Push.

Go W into a room with a Harp, push it onto the white tile and get a screen of a curtain. Go back out E and right around corners to a room where the Fire is, quite a show! From that room, head into the room N and find another Harp. Push it on the white tile also to get another screen.

A Gun Battle, the Torchbearer’s Key.

Now go back S through the Fire room and keep going left to get to a room with a chain pulley, the room will be sealed off and a bunch of Gangsters will climb up out of the floor, keep shooting them till the last one drops the Torchbearer’s Key. At that moment the room will open up again and a couple of Mafia Bosses will come for you. One will drop Uzi ammo, the other a Medipack.

The Torch.

Go out N and keep going right around corners, through the Fire room again and then a room with a red curtain in the middle, after that you will get to a room with a white block under a curtain. On the S side of the block is the keyhole, use the Key there. The curtain in the room N lifts, go get the Torch there.

Ignite the Torch.

Go W and left to the Fire room where you can ignite the Torch on the central bowl. Go back N and right around corners to get to the room with the plants (from the harp screens). Leave the Torch here for now. Go N and find another Harp which has to be pushed to a Tile. Finally the curtain lifts. First go into the room E and get the Flares there, return W and left to where the Torch is.

To the Floor above.

Pick up the Torch and go into the room W, light the three wall torches and a block goes up. Drop the Torch near the entrance E. Hop on the block, and climb up to the room above, head S, follow through to a kind of transparent wall and to the right you can hear a Demigirl. The door in that room is closed and we cannot shoot her as there is a “weapon ban” up here; we’ll be back for her later.

For now go E and to a room with a chain on a block, pull the chain and the block will fall, dropping the chandelier below through the ground floor. Go back W and down to the room where you left the Torch, pick it up and take it with you if you want another Secret.

Through the Hole.

You now have to get back to the room where you started this underground adventure. Go to the next room then go out N and keep going right, Harp room, room with pool of water, room with chain, harp room again till you see the passage S has opened up in the room where the pool of water was. Take the first left to get to the hole in the floor. Save before you throw the Torch down into the opening (if you can’t find it later you can try again), then line up for the chain. Slide in and grab the chain to get down to the chandelier. The flyby shows you the Mask. Talk about a weird place, everything upside down…

To the Jump Lever.

Face N and stand left, runjump with a slight right curve in the end to that break ledge down N, you’ll have to slide forward, wait till the last moment to jump with a left curve to the next ledge, again a jump from the end with a hard right curve and from the last a jump to grab the jump lever (savegame). The trapdoor will close behind you so roll and swim SW, then S and left into a tunnel, take a right inside and keep following to where you can climb out through a small hole near the gratings.

If you want all the pick ups, swim back E and keep going to the left all the time, you get back on the other side where the breathing hole is and grab the Uzi ammo and swim back (right all the time) to get air again.

For a Secret.

Go N into the big cave and first go look for your Torch. It has to be somewhere under that chandelier, close to the 2 Gondolas. Go into the W side cave and slowly walk off the slanted floor so Lara swims with the Torch. Go to the far left hand corner (NW) where you can walk up to the brick ledges, first hop to the wall torch E, ignite your Torch and hold it under the sprinkler (Ctrl). Now hop back to the W block and do the same, the painting opens up. Go in and claim Secret #2, Shotgun ammo, a small medipack and 2x Uzi ammo. That being done, you return to the big cave.

Timed Platforms, the Crowbar.

Go to the structure E, to the left of the entrance is a lever. Behind you, above the W side cave are platforms, the three right hand ones are up and that’s where you have to get to, the 2 left hand ones are timed… Throw the lever, backflip roll and sprint straight W, turn left to get onto the corner of the metal tile under the timed platforms, try to grab the first one at the most right hand side and start to traverse to the right (savegame). The darker platform is safe, wait till you can shiimy further to the last platform and pull up to climb into the passage W and get the Crowbar. Get back out and go down to the cave.

Flooded Crawlspace, the Wires.

Go S into the end of the cave and through the crawlspace SE, open the trapdoor there and get the Wires out of the fuse box.

Go back to the cave.

Structure E, a Run for the Switch.

Once more go to the structure E and save in front of the entrance, sprint to that switch and shoot the Gangster before he can use it and activate the spikes with it. He will drop a Medipack. You can flip the switch, but I’m not sure what it does, probably deactivate the spikes.

Open the door to the Waterskin.

Go in N and to an element bowl guarded by a Demigirl. No weapons again so run in S and to a fuse box where you can place the wires before you flip the switch. An underwater door opens up and the Waterskin will be available (it’s in the room below you, we’ll get it later).

The Bag of Gunpowder.

Go back to the room with the bowl and go straight N.

Stand on the NE corner of the gold ledge facing SW and when it goes up a run jump onto the red block SW. Turn around and jump into an opening N, follow through up the stairs and to the right. Open the manhole, and use the valve there to get a ledge under the Bag outside, shoot the windows NW and make a run/jump to the transparent ledge with the Bag of Gunpowder.

Down with a Pickup.

Now you have to get down to the ground, you could retrace your steps, but you can also do it with getting a pickup along the way. Face the clock on the tower SE and jump so you will land on the wooden ledge below the window level, jump around to the back of the tower and get 2x Shotgun ammo there. Now run down to the roof E and slide down.

The Waterskin, fill it.

Go into the cave S and down the opening in the floor, swim through and keep going right you’ll end up in the room with the Waterskin. Swim back to climb out in the cave and at that moment two dogs and a Mafia boss come for you (if you stand in the W side of the opening to the big cave they will not attack you, at least they didn’t in my game). A small medipack will be left behind. Fill the Waterskin now.

Use the Gun Powder, blow up the Demigirl.

Go back into the building E, up to where the Demigirl is and put the Gunpowder in the bowl, a curtain opens E, go in that room and use the Water to extinguish the Fire in the bowl (face W to pour it in). You’ll see a small flame escape the water and it heads for that gunpowder, the explosion will kill the Demigirl (she has to be in the room with the Gunpowder Bowl). When you leave this room you’ll get a view of another transparent ledge, near a column of water.

The Water Column, the Lodgekeeper’s Mask.

Head into the passage N and go up the blocks again to jump into the passage N, go up to the tower where you got the Gunpowder. Run/jump to the transparent ledge NW, then run/jump down to the one N and save before you jump into the column of water N. Use the underwater lever and now you can swim all the way up, then look up and swim up, follow the tunnels through to the S side of the cave and get the Lodgekeeper’s Mask there. The door S opens, quickly get out and the current will take you to where you can stand up. Fill the Waterskin again.

Prankster’s Protective Gemstone.

Go to the curtain, it will open up, take a right and place the Mask on the stand. Go into the next room and put the water in the Bowl with fire. Then pull the chain in the left corner to open the curtain and step through the mirror S. Go up to the Bowl in that room and pick up the Prankster’s Protective Gemstone (face N to pick it up). Throw the chain in the NE corner of this room and the curtain S opens up, go in to get Secret #3, 4x Uzi ammo and a small medipack from the “laundry” room.

Throw the chain again to get back through the mirror N and throw the chain in that room too to open the curtain N. We’re now all set to take out that Demigirl upstairs…

The Black Lodge Entrance Key.

Go N and left into the fire room, out N to the harp room and keep going right till you get to the room with the shallow pool. Refill the Waterskin again. Go back N and left around till you see the opening with the plants again, go in and up the block. Find the Demigirl and shoot her…. Go to the Bowl with fire S, and put it out with the water. Use the chain to open the curtain S and go through the mirror to get the Black Lodge Entrance Key (face N to pick it up).

Go through the lifted curtain S and use the key right around the corner. From the block a jump/grab NE, shimmy right and pull up. Follow the tunnel up to a slanted block, get on top of it and from the highest point a jump up N, keep jumping left and Lara will bounce to the left, at the last jump you have to grab a ledge. Walk up to the black tile and end up in a flooded basement. From the table you can open the ceiling hatch and climb up, go to the big doors (E) and the level ends.