Palace Dionysus.

Level by Chronicles5.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

If after shooting a bell the view stays zoomed in; go to inventory and choose the Revolver again. Problem solved.

A Shotgun.

Pick up the small medipack from the table and the Flares next to it too. Step outside, dive into the canal and swim straight S to climb out in the street, shoot that dog and a Gangster in the window up NW. He will drop a Shotgun, mine fell down, if not; grab up to the window and get it. In this room is a lever, throw it to open an underwater gate (later).

First we go pick-up hunting. Shoot as many of the windows then get down to the square, face E and go to the house on the left and grab up to the window there and shoot it. In here is on the table some Shotgun ammo. Go S and jump to that house and find a Medipack on a crate. Drop down into the square and go N to the main canal.

A Secret, the Glock and the Lasersight.

Look to the NE and swim to that small balcony and open the doors. Inside youíll find Secret #1, a Medipack as well as a Card Reader N.

Go out and swim E, climb out left onto the square with double doors and some steps. The doors open E as you approach, shoot the Gangsters and get the Glock plus ammo from the table. Climb over the crates to get to a lever NE, throw it to open a door on the square outside. Climb back on the crates and shoot a window S, jump over to the building S and get inside for the Lasersight.

Go out and swim back to that square NW. So, that door was Timed. Get back to that lever behind the crates, light a flare and save, pull the lever holding ďLookĒ turn left and jump/grab up. Sprint over the crates and throw the flare while falling down, so Lara recovers sooner from the fall and immediately starts running again. Sprint to the door and hit Alt to roll through. Push the button inside (N) and get into the next room for Secret #2, Shotgun ammo left, the Grenade gun and 2 kinds of grenades W, a Medipack and 2x Glock ammo N.

Get back out to the canal.

The Library, the Theatre Key, a Crowbar.

Swim over to the S and go to the middle of that big square, look up E over the big doors and shoot the Bell there. The flyby shows the inside of the Library. Get into the stairs and inside shoot the rats and go to the big doors E, left, above the table is a jump lever to open the doors. Shoot the Gangster, pick up his Theatre Key and go through to the next room. Climb the crates SE to get the Crowbar, go behind the crates N and open the panel for Secret #3, the Uzis and 3x ammo. Go out of the Library and SW over the square.

The Theatre, Backstage.

Get to the front of the white building S and open the door, enter and behind the crates NW is a small medipack. Go to the highest crate there and onto the chandelier. In the alcove W is a Timed lever to open the gate E, you have to jump over the chandeliers to get there. Youíll drop backstage, throw the lever up E and push the Harp S onto the platform. Use the lever again and the Harp goes down. Get onto a ledge with a chair N and climb the crate to the right, crawl to get the Medipack. Get back down and use the chain pulley to open the curtain. Move the Harp onto the middle of the stage, under the light and a flyby starts.

Under the Stage, Red Wine.

Go down that trapdoor NE and on the crates SE is Shotgun ammo. In the SW corner on the floor is the Bottle of Red Wine. Rats appear, so quickly get back up the trapdoor and out of the Theatre. Go to the N side main canal, so hop over to the grass and pass the gondola on your right to another grass square and on the corner get in the water and swim W.

The Waterskin.

Swim W passing the balcony and a canal on the right and look left for an opening in the wall, go in and use the underwater lever. Roll and swim out, take a right and swim straight through the opened gate. Keep a bit to the left or right as you are wading to the opening N, a boulder comes down so turn away. Go through the steam blowers and get the Waterskin to the left, fill it in the same room and get back to the main canal.

Bartoliís Stronghold Key.

Swim out and take a right and another right, at the end is the open gate we opened in the first house. Climb out and go up the ladder to the left. Shoot the Gangster up there and use the lever, doors open below. At the W end is a small medipack in the corner. Down the ladder and W into the doors, get Shotgun ammo from the crate on the right and the table in the back.

Go up some steps, up the ladder on the bookcase (W) and roll, jump to grab the jump lever and go back up the ladder. Stand N and standjump to grab the bookcase under the open painting. Go up to the edge and release Ctrl for a bit so Lara hangs by her hands, now hit up and duck and crawl under the Blade. Go left and pick up Bartoliís Stronghold Key. Crawl backwards under the Blade and drop down, make your way back to the jetty below and dive into the canal to swim S into the boat house. Go out S and left to the canal, shoot the dog (W) but for now go SE, there is Bartoliís Stronghold. Swim over and open the door.

Bartoliís Stronghold, Bartoliís Heart.

To the right are Flares, then climb over the crates E to the Medipack SE. Get on top of the crates and open the ceiling hatch. Throw the lever up there and see a trapdoor fall. Get down and out to the street, look NE, jump into the canal and roll, swim into the opening SW, W and left down the open trapdoor. Swim up the hole and save on the right hand side before you climb out. Time the burner and climb up, immediately jump forward to use the Valve there, the fireplace will ignite, but sparks will also ignite the TNT! Get the small medipack from the garbage bin and get back up to where the Stronghold used to be.

The explosion left a big crater and a tunnel is revealed in the middle of it. Swim down and get Bartoliís Heart.

Piece of the Roof, a Torch.

Get back out and go to the W Side of the ruins, climb the low block E and climb up to the pillar on the right. Jump to the one E and get the Torch there. Get down E (or W) and thereís a fire still burning, carefully ignite the Torch while standing on low ground. Take the Torch and jump SE over to the other side, leave the Torch here for now and go into the alley S, get the Medipack and shoot the dog. Return to the Torch and go W, passing the Palace entrance and some keyholes. Go left around the corner and all the way S to get M16 ammo. Go back N and jump from the NW corner of the street over to the alley NW. Leave the Torch in front of the door N.

Cross Puzzle, the Bag of Earth.

Turn around and go into the yard S. In the E and W alcoves are 2 crosses, pull them out and place them in the middle of the lawn, one between the two trees S and one between the two trees N. A block goes up at the cross S, pull it onto the block and get the Bag of Earth from under it.

To the Elements Puzzle.

Leave the Torch where it is. Swim N through the canal. Take the second left and left again into the boathouse. Go onto the yard W and use the lever on the pillar W, a trapdoor opens. First turn right and go into the dark NW corner behind the plant, a block lowered there. Go through to a square with Secret #4, a Medipack S and the M16 plus 3x ammo SE. Go back to that lever you used and jump over the Blade into the passage, go up the ladder and come to a terrace. Grab a Medipack NW and head E into the building. Shoot the Gangsters (one leaves the Uzi) and climb the SE bookcase. Get the Flares and jump to the jump lever S (you can also climb the chandelier and jump from there). Youíll land in front of the opened door of the Elements Room.

The Palace Keys.

Go over all the way S to the window SW for a small medipack and then go down the stairs. Put the Earth in the left Bowl (facing W), Water goes right and the Wine in the middle. Go get the Torch through the now open door S and ignite the Wine. Up the stairs and through the door, shoot the Gangsters and get a small medipack from one of them, then pick up the Palace Keys in the middle of the room.

Go back and out the door S, left to the canal and jump over SE to the Palace.

Timed Tasks for the Mask.

1: Use the Keys on the right hand wooden door, save in front of the lever (left) in the doorway, you have to get to the timed door jumping over the spike traps. Not too bad, get Mask Piece 2 and jump back with a Wraith on your tail. Dive into the canal to get rid of it.

2: Go to the left hand wooden door and open it, throw the lever, turn left and run down into the pit, a jump onto the ledge ahead and runjump to the next (you can get here before the burners start). Wait there a bit till the burner in the last pit goes down, then jump to the door and go up to get Mask Piece 1.

Get back to the canal and get rid of the Wraith.

Into the Palace of Dionysus, the Secret Movie Card.

Place the Mask on the stand, go in and over the front lawn into the Palace to the pool inside. Shoot the Gangster with the Lasersight and pick up the Medipack W. Go to where that baddy dropped and pick up the Secret Movie Card.


Go back out and get all the way over to the N main canal. Climb onto that little balcony where you got the first Secret, go in and use the Card N. Nice, but not necessaryÖ

Back to the Palace (all the way S) and into that pool room.

Timed Block and Doors for the Jump Lever.

On the ledges in the pool are two chain pulleys, one opens the Timed doors S and the other will raise a Timed block in the hall S. From the block you have to jump S to a jump lever. Pull the W side chain and run through the door S, go up the stairs a bit so the doors will open again and this time stay open. Return to the pool and save at the E chain, facing SE. Pull the chain and jump over corners of the pool to get into the room S, left up onto the stairs and run jumps all the way to the doors on top, curve inward and jump over the balustrade to grab the solid block, pull up and run over the raised block to jump to the lever S.

If you donít succeed the first time and go back to the chain, it could be you have to use it twice to get the block up again.

Key to the Garden.

The big doors on top of the stairs open up, go up to the first floor of the pool room. To the N, in an incline in the floor is the Garden Key. Back down you go and to the door in the second alcove W. Step into the Garden to get Secret #5, another M16 and 2x ammo, a Medipack W and thatís all folks.


Go back upstairs and in the S is an alcove where you can use the Heart. A Demigirl shows up in the middle of the room, go shoot her and she will drop a Rose, pick it up and I wonder if Lara survived thisÖ