Beyond the Scion.


Hard Difficulty Version.

There are two versions of this game - Normal and Hard Difficulty. The main differences between the two versions are that in the Hard version some of the enemies are harder to battle, timed runs are tighter, a few less camera clues, and there is less inventory (medipacks/flares/ammo) given.

Levels by EssGee

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Edits and additional info: EssGee

In the read-me you can get valuable information about moves and other functions in these levels, we advise you to read them.

At some stages the game will advise you to save, it is best to do follow this advise. No save games/Videos are included in this walk!

 To the separate levels.

 1 -Beyond the Scion - Natla rising-

 5 -Incan Secrets - Qualopec’s Secret Temple-

 2 -Beyond the Scion - Natla rising- Part 2

 6 -Sri Lanka -Trail of Power-

 3 -Dreamtime–The Legend begins-

 7 -Congo Mountains – Man or Beast 1-

 4 -Troubled Waters-

 8 -Congo Mountains – Man or Beast 2-

Introduction – FMV

Some time ago.....Lara Croft, renowned archaeologist and adventurer embarked on a search for the three parts of the Scion - A set of artefacts forged by the three rulers of Atlantis, and said to harness great power when all three pieces were combined. Previously, in Tomb Raider 1, we saw, how Lara followed the trail of the scion pieces through the ancient tombs of Qualopec and Tihocan, and finally to re-discover the Lost City of Atlantis, where she defeated Natla and her ‘new breed’.  We saw the pyramid of Atlantis destroyed and presumably along with it the scion. In this instalment, we explore a ‘what if’ scenario. What if all three rulers of Atlantis were immortals, and the other two rulers - Tihocan and Qualopec, like Natla, had survived the destruction of Atlantis and were able to take on modern day identities just as Natla did? What if Lara acquired the three scion pieces before the destruction of Atlantis? We commence by rewinding the clock and picking up the story prior to the end of Tomb Raider 1....

1  -Beyond the Scion - Natla rising-

3 secrets.

Lost City of Atlantis

Go to the E wall and use the lever there. Turn around, hold “duck” and use the sprint key to roll underneath the darts heading into the opening N. Follow through and find more deadly darts and a clanking door. Here you’ll get an update in the diary, read it. There are 3 diary entries that provide a handy reference for all of Lara’s new moves. You may also notice the additional inventory that the author has provided (4 large medipacks, 4 small medipacks and 12 Flares).

Breeding Chambers.

Save before you enter the next room. Sprint to the SE corner, two of the cocoons on the wall burst open and 2 creatures are released. You can choose to battle these two enemies in the open space of the hall, or by continuing as follows - use the Timed lever on the S wall, roll and sprint straight N into another room. If you are lucky none of the enemies followed you in here for now, but they can still reach you. In case a Winged Mutant comes in, stand in a corner and shoot it or do side-flips while shooting to avoid its fatal attacks. In the lower left hand corner of your screen you can see how many hits the creature needs to die and also how many times you still have to hit it. If you wait a bit a Crawler Mutant may appear too, you best deal with him by getting up close, duck and shoot it.

The Atlantean Disk.

In this side room you have to step on the tile in the brightly lit alcove NW, the gate in the SW alcove opens up. Get in and grab the small medipack. Go back a bit and into the opening N. In this room you can take either left or right and do a far running jump to the slope in the back and back-flip on a safe block behind the wall. Pick up the Atlantean Disk and another curved running jump back to the ledge S.

The Laser Sight.

Go out and to the doors S, they open when you approach. Go to the opening E and watch the flyby of the large Breeding Chamber, another Winged Mutant will be set free. Pick up the Large Medipack after dealing with it. Go back to the first chamber and place the Disk on the receptacle next to the door in the NW corner. A door opens and inside you can get the Laser Sight from a pedestal. The trapdoor on top of the ladder opens.

First Floor, shoot the Gems.

When you enter the upper chamber, two more Winged Mutants appear. Deal with mutants; then go to the S side and push the block onto the marked tile a bit further. This opens a door SW, go there to get Flares. Go up the stairs and Lara will show an interest in an object on the N wall. Shoot the gem-like plug in that artefact on the N wall from standing on the ramp or by standing up close to the object and shoot whilst jumping (no need to check out the passage beyond the burner). Once you have shattered the object, steam will be emitted from the wall and you will get a camera view of a door that is as yet unopened. When you go back outside, a metallic boulder will chase Lara down the stairs. On the other side of the hall NE is Revolver Ammo, grab it then go to another push block along the N wall.

The Revolver.

Pull the block in front of another push block (up in the wall), stand on the first block and push the other block inside as far as it will go. At the E wall is another artefact to shoot, it will again release steam when shattered and you’ll get another camera shot of that door, in which you will now see it opening up (you have to jump up and down a bit in front of the artefact to be able to shoot it). When you leave this room, head for the opened SE door.

Go in and get the Revolver from the pedestal in the corner. Go out N and come to the large Breeding Chamber. (another diary entry warns you to be careful with the Revolver ammo)

The Large Breeding Chamber.

You are one floor up in the Cocoon Hall, shoot the Winged Mutant. Go E, jump to that rim on the pillar and shimmy left. Once in the middle of the pillar, use Ctrl/up/down keys to back-flip/roll and use the poles (Ctrl) to get to the other side (you might have to steer Lara to the middle of the next pole after a jump). There is a small medipack one ledge down, drop down to get it. Take a running jump W to the platform and grab the Revolver ammo.

Face W and take a running jump with a slight left curve so Lara jumps forward from the slanted pillar and grabs the pole, swing and steer left to land on the left side of a TIMED platform. Face the wall left of the platform and jump to the crack, shimmy left avoiding the emitter. Go around the corner there and jump up (Ctrl/Alt) to grab a crack even higher.

Then use Ctrl/up/down keys to grab a save plateau. Best use the Revolver here as two more Winged Mutants need to be shot. As a reward you can pick up a Large Medipack. Jump to the corner for Revolver ammo, jump back, combine the Revolver and Lasersight and shoot the two gems in the artefacts on the E wall to trigger 3 swing poles to be extended out.

Timed Platforms.

Back to the corner and jump to the poles that appeared. Climb up the ladder and a couple of timed ledges appear W, stand-jump to the first and shortly release Ctrl, then climb up (Lara will climb onto the platform faster like this). Stand-jump and grab the next and again use the trick to get up the platform, take a running jump to grab the last platform and start run forward, immediately hit Shift to stop Lara from running off the edge. Now stand jump with grab to the pillar in the corner (a running jump won’t work here).

Then take a running jump S to the platform and get ready to battle another two Winged Mutants. Grab the small medipack. Grab the crack in the pillar S and shimmy around it, then again pole-jumping but also a nasty emitter to avoid; you probably go high over the emitter without harm. You might have to adjust Lara’s aiming again.

Jump to the plateau and onwards to the crevice in the pillar N to get that small medipack. Stand-jump/grab back to the plateau and jump to the ladder again, this time climbing up to get 2x Revolver ammo on top. Face SW and look up; take the Revolver and Sight and shoot two small contraptions on the ceiling, two ropes appear. Aim a bit left and run-jump to the rope, swing to the ledge on the other rope and to the S side plateau, get the Large Medipack on the pillar in the corner.

Stand facing S and drop/grab backwards to a jump switch. Land on a platform and jump forward as it is a timed one. Back to the ladder and up, use the ropes to get to the other side again and into the now open doors. Watch out, clanking doors around the corner. More traps ahead (“duck/sprint”), and slide down at the end.

Room with the Bridges.

As you enter the area, a Crawler Mutant and Winged Mutant hatch out. Battle the enemies and at the S wall (right of the slope) is a small medipack.

Timed Platforms, lower the Cage.

Go stand on that metal terrace structure in the middle that is surrounded by Mutant Lara clones and both sliding platforms on top of the ladders E and W disappear. Sprint to the W ladder and climb up on the left or right hand side of the ladder to just under the emitter. Wait and drop onto the expanded platform to jump to the bridge. Use the Timed lever at the E end to lower a block on the other bridge, get to the ground, stand on the central metal plate again and now use the E ladder. First use the lever before the block goes up again and watch the flyby to see the caged Lara mutant lowered into a Lava pit, then pick up a small medipack near the W wall. Back to the ground floor, stand on the central metal plate once more and up the ladder W again, over the bridge into the opening E.

Lava Room, Moving Traps.

Go right and to the moving blocks, there are sliding platforms below them. Face N, hop back and take another step back. Run-jump to the first platform when it is out of the wall, and jump to the next platform, then jump to the floor ahead. Left around the corner is a lever, a Winged Mutant will appear. Kill the mutant and operate the wall lever (this is Part 1 of a two–part mechanism so nothing will appear to have happened. Jump back over the platforms and go to the W side of the room. Pass through the blocks and throw the second lever; you’ll now see a bridge span the lava pit. Cross the bridge to the N side.

Approach the Scion from the E side and watch the cut scene.

Natla: Back again?

Lara: And you. For a grand re-opening, I assume.

Natla: Evolution’s in a rut. Natural selection at an all time low. Shipping out fresh meat will incite territorial rages again…will strengthen and advance us. Even create new breeds.

Lara: A kind of evolution on steroids then.

Natla: A kick in the pants. Those runts Qualopec and Tihocan had no idea. The cataclysm of Atlantis struck a race of langering wimps; plummeted them to the very basics of survival again. It shouldn’t happen like that.

Lara: Or like this.

Computer Voice: Hatching commences in fifteen seconds.

Natla: Too late for abortions now.

Lara: Not without the heart of the operation.

Natla: No!   Arrggghhhhhhh......

Computer Voice:

2 -Beyond the Scion - Natla rising- Part 2-

Lost City of Atlantis

Lara gets transported down (N) and that huge cocoon hatches. Pick up 2x Revolver ammo W before/after shooting the Torso Guy. Go E to get the small medipack and Revolver ammo. The door N will open up.

Go into the passage and pick up Revolver ammo and Flares.

****A Secret Hunt, Boulders and Burners.

Get onto the block right of the Flares and climb up into the crawlspace W. Go W down the steps and left into the room for a small medipack, then go to the room W. There’s a crack in the left hand wall, it starts just beyond the ledge you’re on, so jump and grab the wall and shimmy to the ledge with Secret #1, the Silver Artefact.

Stand in the middle of the ledge and back-flip onto the slanted pillar below, slide/jump over the pillars and grab the crack in the wall, go right around and drop. Save in front of the passage with the collapsible ledges and the boulders. Run-jump in and run into the opening to the right, stop there. Now sprint down the sloped passage and right around the corner, slide as far as possible and jump onto the black rock ahead; go forward (or roll) so the boulder won’t crush you. Go down NE and sprint through the lava chamber.

Open the gate with the lever and jump out left. Save again and sprint to a pit, release sprint and do a roll just before the pit to grab the edge of the pit when Lara falls in. Hang left or right against the wall and pull up, turn around and stand-jump to grab the other side of the pit. Follow through to come to a lava chamber with burners. Use the corners of the burner blocks to do stand jumps to the other side and go S.

Follow through up the passage, left up a block and you’ll get back through a gate to the room where the Secret hunt started, go S and back through the crawlspace.


Go N and start jumping the ledges in the lava pool and then to the ones with the pillars E.

Timed Platforms and Poles.

Then look E and shoot that gem-plug in the artefact, a platform goes up. Jump over to the black rock and slide to jump to that platform. Now a jump to a pillar N and the Timed lever there will present you with platforms and poles, so you can get to the N side. Of course there is a Winged Mutant flying around, so be careful, you may have the chance to shoot it before using the lever. Hop back turning right, turn right till you can hop to the left hand side of the platform and turn right again, jump to the pole and swing to the plateau N. Run-jump into the passage.

The Centaur.

Follow through and around the first corner you’ll see an opening up in the E wall. For the next Secret later. Proceed and the door at the end opens when you approach, a Centaur waits inside. Shoot him while keeping an eye on the health bar. Use the lever NE and enter the opening W.

Timed Target Shoot.

Shoot the Crawler Mutant, go W and use the Timed jump lever left of the opening W, so you can shoot the gem-plug next to it before the cover lowers again. This opens the first large round underwater door. Another Winged Mutant will be in your way though (this species has only mastered partial flight). On the other side is another timed jump lever that lets you shoot another gem-plug way up high NW. This opens door # 3, underwater. Go W and pick up the Revolver ammo and a Large Medipack.

Go back and jump in the water and swim SE and there is Timed underwater lever. Roll, swim out and get out at the pillar SE, go to that brown ledge SE and jump up to the sliding platform and hop into the opening. Jump on the ledge below and use the jump lever to lower a block nearby, jump up E and you are back at the Centaur room. There is a push block SW you can now reach, get it out. Push the block all the way to the E wall (SE corner). Climb it and go up the rocks to the left. Standing on a trigger tile there expands a sliding platform. Jump SW and use the lever, this opens the door below (to get a Secret later) and also a gate up NW.

Go stand on that platform facing the slots in the wall that house the Flame Emitters. Jump and grab the first slot, and then shimmy across all the way to the left avoiding the flames. back-flip with a roll (Ctrl/up/down) to the first of the platforms. Duck and crawl under the flames and jump to the second platform. Again avoid the flames there, and then do a running jump over the lava pit and down into the opening in the wall. Grab the Large Medipack and follow through the small corridor, hop down and face the jump lever E, back-flip onto the slanted rock and jump from this rock to the jump lever to open underwater door (#2). Go NW to get out over the rock outcrop.

****Secret Hunt.

Go back E into the Centaur room, move the push block all the way into the S passage, under the opening in the E wall and climb up to get Secret #2, the Bronze Artefact. Get out and go to the Centaur room, then E to the room with the pool.


Lava Chamber with Ladders.

Dive into the pool, swim through the opening where the three doors opened and at the end get out and go around the corner. Jump to the ladder on the right, watch out for the flame emitter, quickly shimmy left around the corner, back-flip/roll and grab another ladder behind, shimmy right around and drop on the block. Turn NE and look down, if possible shoot that Winged Mutant (out of Revolver ammo? Zoom in, hold that view and hit the #1 key, Lara switches to pistol ammo). Now take a running jump with Ctrl to end up on the ledge in the pillar N. Jump N again, passing the burner and pull up. Jump E and grab the ladder.

****Secret Hunt.

Climb up to the grey section and release Ctrl for a bit so Lara will hang by her hands, go left around the corner to a crack, tap ALT and get one crack up, shimmy back to the ladder and back-flip/roll to grab another ladder. Shimmy right and you are safe again. Take a curved running jump N and get a Secret #3, the Gold Artefact. Jump back to that triangle, climb the ladder, left around and back-flip/roll to the ladder E.


Climb down to just under the grey section and back-flip to the slanted ledge W. Jump back S passing the burner, jump to the ladder E and go down and left around to drop to the safe ledge.

Sinking Blocks.

Look down N as that is the place you have to go, turn around facing S and back-flip, slide and turn right a bit. Try to side-flip to the N side of the block in the lava, take a running jump to the next, side-flip left and another side-flip left into the opening there.

Use the jump lever at the end, a camera view shows a gate opening in the other end of the lava room. Run out on the left side of the opening, landing on the block and hop back. Hop forward to the next block and make a right curved running jump to the next block, hop to the next and do a running jump right a bit to the last. Then maybe wait for the burner and jump into the opening E. Go in and climb up around the corner, use the lever to expand a bridge-like mechanism across the lava pit. Climb up once more and jump to grab the underside of the overhead bridge to use as a monkey-climb.

The Atlantis Trophy.

Use the monkey-climb that appeared and let go almost at the end to drop to the sinking block, hop to the ladder and you are safe again. Straight in front of you is an open gate, opened because you got all three Secrets. Pick up the Revolver ammo to the left.

Go in and collect Flares, Revolver ammo, a Large Medipack, Shotgun ammo and last but not least the Atlantis Trophy. Go out of the room and straight to the edge of the lava pit, stand left and look SE, shoot the gem-plug in the artefact. Turn around and go into the opening NW where a door has opened.

Natla, we meet again.

Go in to the pyramidal shaped Hall and your goal is to use the four levers in the corners avoiding the electric bolts that Natla throws at Lara, as well as the nasty darts that are everywhere. You can try to kill Natla with the Revolver, but it will be to no avail, she will promptly recover laughing manically. Best is to hold the “duck key” and use “sprint” to roll to the levers and pickups. You’ll have to stand up every now and then to aim Lara to the next goal. (If you dare, you also can pick up some goodies, because when one has used all 4 levers, you cannot pick them up anymore). After using the 4 levers, Natla dies an explosive death from the unleashed forces of the pyramid, her mutant gun arm, the only trace left of her after the explosion and Lara goes to the next level.

(After leaving the level the Secret artefacts will be removed from the inventory, but cumulative secret count remains. The Trophy is retained in the inventory)

Cutscene 1

Croft Manor - Lara reads a letter out aloud

Dear Ms Croft

I have been watching your work from afar. You have done extremely well to obtain all three parts of the scion. By now I am sure you are feeling the weight and burden of the powers of the scion. We were careless to let Natla get as far as she did with her misguided plan. The power of the scion is too great for any single person to bear, but it seems that the responsibility now falls on the shoulders of a mere mortal - your shoulders Ms Croft, to separate the scion pieces again and place them somewhere safe.

You have stopped Natla for now, but an immortal is hard to stop forever. You do not have much time. Although Natla secretly set about forming a new army of Atlanteans, our suspicions had long been aroused, that we could not trust her. With immortality comes great responsibility. Natla abused that power. Unknown to her, I commissioned the construction of three secret safe vaults, to hide each of the three scion pieces for eternity. The temples that house these vaults are scattered across the world. I dare not reveal the locations in this letter; for fear that it falls into the wrong hands.

Long ago, I met with a trustworthy Aboriginal elder living in the remote north-west Pilbara region of the Australian outback. I told him the whole story and asked him to record the secret locations in a dreamtime cave drawing.

You must find this cave, and discover the three secret locations.

Locate a young man - William of the Dual Canines.

He is a descendant of the elder I met with, and may be able to help you. I hope that the story of the caves has been passed on in their tribal dreamtime story telling, and he can help you to find the cave.

Yours truly

Assoc. Professor

T.O. Khan

Kandy University

Archaeology Department

Sri Lanka

Cutscene 2

Outback – Western Australia.

“Lara in the shop talking to Nellie”

Lara: Hi there. I’m looking for a cave of some sort, but I’m not exactly sure where to find it. I believe it could be located somewhere in the gorge. Do you know anyone that might be able to help me?

Shopkeeper: Hmmmmm…. You need an aboriginal tracker miss. Sounds like you need some fella that knows every nook and cranny of the gorge. There’s a few good fellas who know the gorge, but most of them have gone walkabout.. No work in town…. But there is one fella who might be willing to help you out.

Lara: And might I ask that gentleman’s name?

Shopkeeper: He he… He be a ‘gentle’ man alright. Always minds his manners, he does. He be called Billy Two-Dogs. I dunno for sure, but you might find him out by the gorge tomorrow. You tell him Nellie Bates sent you, and he show you around the place.

Lara: Thank you Nellie you’ve been most helpful.

Lara (thinking): Aha… William of the Dual Canines…. William …… Billy…. Dual …..Two…….canines….. dogs…..Billy Two-Dogs. I think I might have found my man.

3 -Dreamtime–The Legend begins-

0 secrets

Outback – Western Australia

Lara begins the level sliding down a steep slope into a cave. Move forward and receive a Diary Update with your location and level objectives. Follow through the cave and shoot the Wombat. Go S and then right (W), pick up Flares and return to the passage to head S again. At the spikes look N and jump into the niche turn around (S) and jump up S over the spikes into the opening. Turn around and jump over the spikes into an opening NW, get the Large Medipack there. Drop down and jump over the spikes again and climb higher. Follow through and when a boulder starts to roll down the tunnel go back all the way, jumping over the spiked pit. Once the boulder is safely in the spiked pit, make your way up again, follow through until you get outside.

Billy Two-Dogs.

Go E to a small hut with a jeep parked there.

Lara meets Bill Two Dogs -

Billy: G’day miss, you been havin’ fun playing in the wombat burrows?
Lara: Yes, it’s quite a labyrinth down there isn’t it? I’m looking for some one called Billy Two-dogs. Would that be you by any chance?
Billy: Yes ma’am, that’d be me – good ol’ Billy Two Dogs – at your service.
Lara: Nice to meet you Billy. My name is Lara, Lara Croft.

Go to Billy Two Dogs.

Billy: That’s not a bad set of wheels you got there miss.
Lara: Thank you - it gets me from point A to Point B.

Billy: So what’s a pretty lady like you doin’ ‘round these parts?
Lara: I was told by Nellie that you might be able to help me find my way down into the gorge. I’m looking for some sort of hidden cave, which may contain some important information.

While you are looking around some kangaroos will bother Lara. In the small hut is a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. You may also spot some koalas feeding high up in the gum trees, but they are harmless so leave them alone.

Billy: Yeah no worries, for a nice looking lady like you – I’d be glad to help. The entrance to the gorge, yeah she’s out to the east there. We’d better head out there now before it gets too dark.

Going E shoot some Dingos, stay on the right hand side rock ledge and find Shotgun ammo under a small tree (SE). Go to the gates at the end of the path and Billy Two Dogs will come down there. He opens the door there.

Billy: And what do you know about this cave, Miss Croft?
Lara: A university professor pointed me in this direction.

Enter and Billy will follow and lights a Wall Torch.

Nah, no professor type come out here. But a fella, he come here a long time ago. I only know of him through our dreamtime stories. He get my father’s father’s father’s father to paint a story on the walls of the cave. But it didn’t make no sense to no-body. Billy remember that story’ cos that fella’s name always make me laugh. Tea-O-Can – what a fella wanna drink tea from a can for? He should be drinkin’ it from the cup.
Lara: Tihocan …….. We have a lot more in common than you might think, Billy.

Go E and through another door that Billy will open.

Billy: You might wanna head down into the chasm miss. We’ll need to work together to get across here.
Lara: I’m sure I can find something to keep me amused down there.

Climb down the ladder (face E) shoot the Razorback. Go N and right and follow through for some Revolver ammo. Turn around and keep going right to come to a wheel switch. Use the wheel switch to raise platforms and watch Billy do a timed run across to the other side of the chasm. Now go back to the cave where Billy is waiting up above.

Billy:I’ve thrown some flares down in the corner. You wanna grab them and I’ll get this other platform working for you.

Go NW to get the Flares. Billy operates a wheel switch above to raise another platform for Lara to use.

Billy: I’m gonna head down to the main gorge. Start making your way down there too. I’ll be along shortly to help you get down further.

Go to the SE wall and climb up some rocks to get back onto the ladder and climb up. Jump to the pillar N and again N to a ledge and from there to the platform to get to the wall W (Billy used that wheel already). Follow through to the top of the gorge and get that small medipack SW.

Go back E a bit and stand on the small triangular ledge over the gorge, run in facing NE with a grab and land on a lower ledge. Approach that gate N and Billy will come to open it, in the NW corner of this cave is a small medipack.

Lara: So…. how did you get the name Billy Two-Dogs?
Billy: He he……Never mind, miss. It’s not a story Billy can tell to a fine lady like you.

Follow Billy down the tunnel and he will open the next door.

Billy: Be careful, Miss. It’s a long way down there, but I reckon you can get down to the next rock shelf by yourself.

Go get the Shotgun ammo E and hop backwards grabbing the edge of the plateau, safety drop down (you’ll loose quite a lot of health) and go get the Revolver and a small medipack NW, then go over to the SE for a Large Medipack. NE is a tunnel, go in and follow through. Shoot the Wombat and come to a wheel switch, shoot another Wombat and turn the wheel switch to let Billy in. Follow him back down the tunnel where he will light a torch and raise two platforms deeper in the gorge below.

Billy: Nearly there now. With a bit of care you should be able to get down to the bottom. Hehe...Watch out for the crocs though.

Bottom of the Gorge.

Get onto that platform E in the pit, then face S and top up your health, run down from the platform and land on a slope and onto the second platform. Safety drop down from this platform into the shallow water and follow the cave. Duck next to the Boars Head spikes on the right to get the small medipack. Shoot the croc in the big cave and go for the small medipack S; Billy is on his way over.

To the Dreamtime Cave, Boulder Swim.

Go N to the hole in the bottom of the shallow pool, prepare for a challenge, swim straight N and left into the alcove, roll and wait. Time the boulder and swim into the tunnel, left again and up against the ceiling, go on when the boulder passed underneath and quickly go left and up out of the water. Shoot the croc and go into the cave with the Aboriginal art murals. On the floor you will find two painted hands (SE and N). At the E wall is a push block, move it onto the SE hand. There’s another block in the E wall, move that onto the hand N and the door opens so Billy can enter. He will light the torch at the dreamtime painting, which is actually your Map to the next locations.

Billy: Geez, this is a very unusual dreamtime painting. I dunno what all these different lands are, and this big green snake, maybe he wanna eat them four cherries there. What do ya reckon, miss?
Lara: This is a map of the world, Billy. The green line shows that I must travel to the places marked with the red spots. The spot on the right is where we are here. The other three……. Well, I have something important to take to each one of those places. I should start on my journey immediately. Thank you Billy for showing me this special place. If anyone else comes looking for this cave, I suggest you pretend to know nothing about it, as it could be very dangerous.
Billy: No worries, I’ll just tell them to go to buggery.
Lara: I like your attitude Billy.


4 -Troubled Waters-

Secrets 0

Hop back twice and look up for the jump lever, follow the tunnel to where you just opened the door. Follow through and receive a Diary Update with your location and level objectives. Note that Lara is now carrying Scion Piece 1 in her inventory. Enter the temple and come to a Blade, side-flip over the blade along the right hand side and go right (E) around the corner. Stop in the next corner and face N and stand back, now sprint through the passage before all spike traps are active. In the next room is a dead guy, pull him away from the Revolver. In the N side of the pool is an underwater lever, pull it to open the gate NW.

Push Block Puzzle.

Pull the block W all the way back, around the corner onto a marked tile. Two blocks in the middle of the room go down, pull/push the remaining block over both dark grey tiles to the N, blocks go up W. Go W and climb up to the next floor.

The Kayak.

NE is a jump lever, operate it then climb back up one floor and through door. On the right are three panthers, hop onto one of the ledges W and shoot them. On the S ledge is a crawlspace with some Revolver ammo. Go E and NE is a small medipack. SE behind the wall is a river with a kayak. Jump into the water and grab up to the rocks S, up S again and left to the SE corner for a small medipack. Get into the water and climb into the kayak.

Ctrl- Get into the kayak (do not jump in, climb in from standing in the water)

Ctrl+ forward-side arrows- to steer the kayak

Back arrow- to paddle backwards.

Alt+ right arrow- to exit the kayak (doesn’t work when you are against a ledge)


The Gate Key.

Go to the waterfall and make your way down. In the next room SE is a Keyhole. Exit the Kayak and go NW, to the ledge W and follow through. Go W and on top of the block find the Uzi. In the next room, NW over a block is Uzi ammo, same goes for the NW corner.

In the pool go E and be taken down by a current, climb up at the E end and jump to the ladder. Hang on the block on the left, shimmy around and tap ALT twice to jump up to the rims above and while under the spikes, tap the down cursor to back-flip into a passage. Stand on a platform and get transported down. Jump/grab the platform W and pull up, wait on the platform till you can jump the jump switch N.

The underwater door N opens, grab the Gate Key and surface E to climb out. Jump via the S side to the exit W, go left/left and then out (S) to the kayak. Take the kayak and go to the room where that Key Lock is (SE) and use the Key. Into the gate, use the lever and an iron gate NE opens up.

Paddling Along.

Get into the kayak and paddle along, just go all the way until you are outside. Get out and shoot some piranhas. Then go W to shoot the mercenaries. Pick up Uzi ammo on the S ledge and all the way back where you entered is a Large Medipack SW. Return to the kayak, shoot another mercenary and climb up onto the bank SE, next to the statue. Make your way to the SW corner behind that plant/tree to use a well-hidden lever.

Another Large Medipack is on the banks NE, you can reach it with a jump from the banana tree SE over to the N side. Back to the kayak and through the open gate E. Somewhere along the way through this small canal is one Uzi ammo pick-up on the left. Go further in the kayak and get sucked down into a canal below, follow the canal, passing through some Blades. Stop at the first corner and get out of the kayak for two small medipacks on the right hand side, go further in the kayak, get out at a gate and use the lever on the E wall. Paddle until you are out in the open, get out and shoot the mercenary on guard at the edge of the lake.

Mushroom Rock Lake.

Dive into the lake and swim to the far NW, just around the corner is an underwater lever to open a gate in the W wall, a bit back under the waterfall. Swim in through the open gate and stay well clear of the spike traps, go left (S) and up, follow through to where you can climb out. Follow the passage through to where you see daylight again and to the right is a lever; throw it to raise a platform in the lake (a camera view will show you where it is). Slide down the slope at the end of the passageway and jump out of the opening onto the large Mushroom rock over the lake. Shoot the macaw and look down NE where you can see another mercenary on a ledge. Shoot him from here (pistols) and go to the W side of the ledge, just run off and grab the edge of the rock below, shimmy right to where you can pull up NW.

You could have used that raised platform in the W side of the lake to climb up here, but this was shorter. Jump up NW to the rock ledge. From here; run-jump N and with a left curve onto the waterfall. Pick up a Gate Key.

Shortcut Up to the Mushroom rock.

(This avoids using the spike-ridden water tunnel back up to the top). Hop backwards from the waterfall and swim to that raised platform S, go jump up NW again and now you can use the slanted rock W to side-flip on it and jump/grab the top of the Mushroom rock.

The Spike Trap Tool.

Jump NW to a path along the cliff and left into the NW corner is a gate you can open up using the Key you just acquired, follow in and face SE at the pit. Jump onto the slanted ledge and get down the ladder, don’t go too close to the spikes and do a back-flip. Use the jump lever W to open a gate behind the window and get back onto the ladder with a stand-jump. back-flip/roll off and grab the edge, shimmy right and climb up. Back to the lake and swim NW, this time all the way in and pull out of the water on the wooden platform that has also now been raised. Jump SE onto the terrace and get the Spike Trap Tool.

Back into the water and climb onto the same platform, jump NE to grab the monkey-climb and follow into a cave to get 2x Uzi ammo and Flares. Make your way back out to the lake and up to the Mushroom rock (S side platform shortcut). Jump NW to the path again. Now follow around to the N side, go E and use the Spike Trap Tool there.

Hop onto the block where the spikes have been safely activated and walk to the SE corner. Jump SE onto the big rock and pick up a small medipack and Uzi ammo, go to the N side and look down, a jump lever. Top up your health, hop back and just run down from the edge, slide and back-flip into an alcove. You can also grab the far rock wall ledge and safety drop to the slope from there. Now you can jump to the jump lever, raising a platform on the ledge E in the lake. Back up the shortcut to the Mushroom rock again and over to the rock E again where you used the jump lever. This time hang from the S end and use the jump lever below. Swim to the ledge with the now open door (where you shot the last mercenary, right behind you), climb up on the platform S of the ledge.

To the Sun Disc.

Go into the passage where the roller door opened and shoot the two Panthers. Follow through and at the T-junction face S, slide and jump onto the ledge ahead, do a roll to get out of the way of the boulder. Go up where the boulder came from and get the Large Medipack. Back down and through the passage S, turn around at the gate and open the gate with that jump lever high above. Jump out to the left and grab the edge of the rocky edge, shimmy right around the corners until you can’t go any further. back-flip with roll and grab the ladder, go left into the opening (or climb up and hold Ctrl+up to get on the monkey-climb). Follow through and jump to the block W and left, hang a bit away from the wall and pull up over. Slide and jump left into a passage.

Throw the lever W and go into the room, in the SW corner is a push block, pull it out and climb up to use the lever. A bell-like object is lifted from the Sun Disc, go and get it. A gate opened SE, go through to the open door E. In the far corner SE is a small medipack, go and get that first. Then go to the lever under the spiked ceiling and pull it, roll and sprint out avoiding all spike traps. Go up W and the exit door N is open again.

Go back to the lake and go back up to the Mushroom rock. Place the Disc on the pedestal in the SE corner (face N to place it). Watch the flyby and then shoot all the renegades. They leave behind 2x Shotgun ammo. Dive in the water NE and swim into the corner there, through the open door to the next level.


5 -Incan Secrets - Qualopec’s Secret Temple-

3 secrets

The Caves, a Gate Key.

Walk forward and receive a Diary Update with your location and level objectives. Behind a plant on W wall is a well-hidden jump lever. Follow through the opened gate to a cave with a closed gate. Go to the W end and left of a gate with a key behind is a sealed hidden entrance in the wall, you can shoot it. Follow in and at the crossing jump over the block in front (W) to get a small medipack. Climb back over and go in N, to the left is a lever. Go back and find the gate nearby opened. Grab the Gate Key, go back E and use it at the gate S.

The Keystone.

Go behind the pedestal and a block lowers, follow through; kill the snake. Save in front of the slope W, jump up the slope and run with a left curve to jump left (SW) and grab the crawl space. Crawl through and out at end, hang on the ladder under the crawlspace, against the right hand wall and back-flip/roll/grab to the ladder behind Lara, go up a bit and traverse around and back-flip to the ledge. Push that round block (E) in as far as it goes and climb up onto the block. Jump into the opening N, follow through and go down the ladder a bit further on. Get the Keystone down there and go back up, to the room with the push block. Push the block all the way out W.

****Secret Hunt

Go back inside and climb up NW. Hop backwards onto the Timed Pressure Pad there and run out, run to the push block and jump on, turn left and jump to grab the ladder on the pillar, go left around one corner and back-flip into the gate opened with the Timed Pad. Pick up Secret #1, the Bronze Artefact. Go back to the exit, stand-jump to grab the ladder and go left around, back-flip to the ledge.


Jump from the block to the ladder and traverse around to back-flip to the other side. Up the ladder and get through the crawlspace to drop out the other side. Jump over the small fire pit to a ledge with a small medipack N. Now jump up SE and get through the spike trap, back E to the cave. Go W and place the Keystone in the doorframe there.

Hall with the Crates.

Shoot the crates for Flares. In the far away SW corner is a small medipack. Two of Natla’s Mercenaries also run around. NE, just next to the entrance, is a column with a crack, climb up and tap Alt to get higher. Jump and grab to a ledge S for a Large Medipack. Jump back and go the N wall ledge, jump up to grab a rim (crack) W and jump one more time up into a crawlspace. Down at the other side again a grab at a rim; shimmy around to the other side. Grab up to the pillar W, crawl up and lower again at the other side in a corner, watch out for the burner. Face W, take a sidestep right and run-jump to the wall W to grab the rim, traverse left till you can stand again on the middle ledge. (That jump to the rim is a tricky one). On this ledge you’ll find a jump lever on the pillar E.

****Secret Hunt.

For the Secret, don’t use the lever yet, but stand NE (or SE) and do a banana jump around the pillar E, grab up to the block and jump NE to grab the monkey-climb. Follow around to the next ledge and shoot the crate for Secret #2, the Silver Artefact. To get back; you could use the monkey-climb again and from the block a curved jump around the W pillar to the ledge W, but if you can’t manage that you can also safety drop down somewhere and get back up to where you left off, that burner will now be turned off.


Use the Timed jump lever, roll and run with a wide curve to jump to the platform at the W wall in such a way so you do a running jump over the platform to the ledge S. Climb ladder W, back-flip/roll and grab block, run-jump to grab the rim and shimmy around, jump up to the top of the pillar, shimmy further, drop down. Up over the block E is a Timed jump lever.

****Secret Hunt.

Do not use the jump lever yet but crawl over the block to the door. Face W, jump up to grab the ladder and climb to the top and onto the monkey-climb; turn around to get into an opening in the wall ahead. Go in for Secret #3, the Gold Artefact. Go back to that timed jump lever; you can just jump out left to the door.


Another mercenary may snipe Lara from below, kill him and then use the timed lever, climb onto the block and crawl forward, hit Alt and forward key to roll out of the crack and get into open door.

Another Gate Key.

Jump over the deep pit, jump over a lava pit. In the next room you can shoot the wall to reveal another hidden passage N near the closed door. Get the Gate Key in the back and you hear a gate opening up. Go out and into that gate W into the open courtyard.

Boulder Room, open up the Temple.

In this room is a boulder, way up E, you’ll have to get it down into that central trench. Shoot two Jaguars while heading W to that ramp. Go up the ramp to drop into the NW corner and use the Timed lever there. This raises a block E down the ramp and left around the corner to get onto a ledge above. Go to the E wall and jump to the steel rims there to get up into a crawlspace for a small medipack. Get out and traverse to the left, climb onto the next (top) ledge. You have three jobs to do from here, so you will be back up here in a moment. For now, just take note of two ropes dangling amongst the vines out in the middle of the room. Jump to the crack in the green pillar SW, traverse around and use the jump lever. A camera view shows the central trench but nothing’s happening yet.

Back to the timed lever to get back all the way onto the top ledge and jump to the rope, swing to the other side and stand with your back to the edge, one step away from that edge. Hop backwards and hit CTRL as soon as you passed the edge to end up one floor down (you can also hop to that pillar NW, turn around and stand-jump SE with a curve to land under the upper ledge).

Boulder and Spikes.

Push the block S all the way on the tile in the NE corner. The door opens S, get in and save, a boulder and spikes are hiding something… Go into one of the boulder alcoves E or W when the boulder rolls away, turn around and jump up to grab the ledge above, immediately pull up. In the NW corner alcove is a jump lever (turn around to spot it), get down avoiding the boulder and go to the spikes S and then sprint through the spikes and the now open gate W. Use the lever S and get another camera shot – still no activity. Get back to the main room and go back out to the room with the push block, out to the terrace and drop to the ground floor.

Once again to that timed lever to get the block up so you can climb again to the top and use the ropes to get to the other side on the top platform. Use the monkey-climb SE to go NE. Let Lara climb all the way to the end and she will do the movements there herself – as she operates a lever in the ceiling. Go to the SE of this small roof and hop into the opening, go around to the back and look up for a jump lever. Watch the flyby of the boulder finally falling. Get down to the ground floor. Go up the ramp W, the way to the Temple opened up.

Into the Temple.

Jump to the side and then to the rope. Turn to the door and left a bit to swing/jump to the jump lever there. You’ll land on a block in the pit, step back and jump/grab to climb into the open gate.

As you investigate the room Lara will show an interest in a Puzzle hole up on a ledge. Go W and around the corner SW is a jump lever E, go around to the door SE and jump up that steel rim (E) and shimmy right. Jump one higher into a crack and hit the down key to back-flip to a ledge. Go into the gate you opened and use the lever in there. Back to the ground floor through the now open gate S. Up the ramp (Lara will update her diary with a note to remember about the puzzle hole she had just being eyeing off); go right and left and all the way down the chain. Use the Gate Key left of the gate W.

The Cage Puzzle.

Climb a block SE and turn around, jump NW to the ledge over the door and to the end, a platform between the ledges goes down. Take a curved running jump to the E wall rims and get up higher, shimmy left into the crawlspace. Go in and left around the corner you can climb up W to use the lever there (a statue goes partially up). Also take note of a Block at the end of this alcove that is currently raised. The block you stand on is lowered, turn around after the flyby and the door in the opposite S wall is open. There is a monkey-climb over your head, use it to get there. In the corner is a lever, save before using the lever, then use it and immediately hop back twice to avoid the fire pit trap.

Follow through W and in the room with the Cage, jump up NW and use the lever, watch out for the pit. Go back to the Cage room, up S and left over the pit with the burner, use the monkey-climb again to the opening in the N wall. Go into the back of the passage where a block lowered NE, use the lever and see the platform going up.

Jump back (SW) and now push the Cage on the platform outside to open the gate below. Pull it back inside and drop down from the platform. Into the open gate W. Follow through, shooting some grey Scorpions, down some stairs and jump the pit whilst avoiding the boulder trap. A door NW opens up for you.

The Blue Pit.

W is a push block; pull/push it all the way S in front of the door so you can climb the ladder there. Once on top you hang on a monkey-climb use it to get to the other side, use the black part too. Lower yourself down E and get into another crawlspace, hang, let go and grab again to get into another crawlspace. Use the lever, crawl out backwards, and tap ALT to get back into the crawlspace above. Go left and get up into the opening in the end. Now run-jump/grab to the monkey-climb and a nasty Mercenary will start shooting you so be sure to have enough health (Or stand left and run-jump onto the slanted roof, grab the edge and then operate the lever, this way is faster and you'll loose less health).

Drop onto that slanted roof like structure so you can slide and grab the end and pull the jump lever there. The pit will now be filled with water, shoot the mercenary. Get into an underwater opening S wall and swim to the ladder (S) and climb it (yes, possible). back-flip to the other side, get onto the low block. Take a running jump and grab the monkey-climb to get to the jump lever S. Swim back to the pit and climb out E, head through the now open doors E.

Big Flooded Chamber.

Follow through; the door N needs a Key, go E and the gate will open when you approach. On the floor NW is some Shotgun ammo. S is a lever (an underwater gate opens) jump in the water and swim to the bottom and the opening is N. Swim in and up and climb out, up some steps N and hoist up twice.

Room with the Large Stone Burial Chambers.

Push the block in the middle into the NW corner of the room against the pillar W wall. There is a rim you can grab there. Go to the highest point of the rim and jump straight up, pull up and jump to the big pillar E and again to grab a crack in the next pillar E. Shimmy all away around and back-flip (down key) to the next big pillar.

Timed Platform.

Look down SE and spot the platform, there’s a rim on the pillar S. Go stand facing the platform and hop back onto the Timed trigger tile N and the platform SE goes up. Jump on the trapdoor, step back if needed and turn right to take a running jump SW, to grab the iron rim on the pillar there. Shimmy around and back-flip to the big pillar. Climb up the block and grab the monkey-climb, go to the end and into the crawlspace S. Step on the pressure pad, looking out the window you see it raises a block on the big NW pillar and then get back to the crawlspace. Get out and hang, back-flip to get to the structure and slide off. If you wish to lose less health, hang from the crawlspace, press Alt+Down to grab the monkey-climb and return to the top of the pillar, then make your way back down to the ground.

The Teardrop Gem.

Go back to the NW corner and again climb up to that big pillar, climb the block that appeared, and up the ceiling ladder N. Jump to the other side, stand on the corner of that raised tile and grab the upper N ladder to get to the room above. Here you’ll find the first Teardrop Gem. Get down the ladders, make your way to the ground floor and run along the W wall to the S. On your right a block has been raised, climb it and jump the iron rim SE and tap ALT to get on top of the last big pillar. Stand on the S side, face N and drop/grab from the edge to use the jump lever there.

Another underwater gate opens in the Flooded Chamber.

Flooded Chamber, Draining.

Leave S, down to the water, swim S and up almost to the surface, you’ll find the opened gate there. Swim over the statue in the opening and up, get out and use the lever. Back into the water and swim to the opposite side of the Flooded Chamber, also over the statue and up again. Get out and go E, stand on the Pressure Pad. Watch out for the nasty darts as you go back to room with the water hole and use a lever that appeared N. Watch the flyby and jump in the water. Swim back to the Flooded Chamber, down at the bottom and pull the blue plugs E and W, the chamber will be drained.

Drained Chamber, a Gate Key and the Second Teardrop Gem.

Go to the S wall and left of that small gate is a ladder, climb to the top and shift right and instead of climbing up, drop down. Pull out the statue and a door in an alcove NE opens up. Take a running jump into that opening there, follow through, at the end down a ladder and get a Gate Key and the Second Teardrop Gem. Go back the way you came and jump up onto the tiny ledge NW then to the statue ledge W. Jump over to the S statue ledge and from there up the ladder. Watch out; two of Natla’s Mercenaries are coming through the open gate W. One of them leaves Shotgun ammo. Leave through the open gate and at the end of this corridor go right to use the Key to enter the large temple.

The Stone Disc Lock.

There is a jaguar roaming around, go W and behind that statue is a jump lever to stop the first burner E. Then go to the N side and to the left, there is a lever to pull NW to stop the second burner. Go E and left and right, where some burners were you can now safely place the two Teardrop Gems. After the flyby, make your way to the N wall and jump up and into the new opening. Get the Stone Disc Lock from a pedestal. Remember the Puzzle Hole Lara was interested in earlier. Time to head back there.

Go out and now to the S and out, swim to the other side of the Blue Pit, climb S over the push block and jump the pit with the spikes, follow through, through the room with the Cage Puzzle, all the way up the chain to the grated floor, up the stairs N, right, left and better save here when the game tells you to. Go down the ramp through the door to the room with the 3 cages. Climb up via that metal rim to the right, traverse right and jump straight up, back-flip to the ledge. Jump to the W side of the room, hop over the ornament blocks to the N to get a Large Medipack. Go back and jump to the E side of the room, jump over the ornaments blocks to the N to place the Stone Disk. The 3 cages will lower to the floor. Drop down.

Open the Exit.

Push the cages to the W wall and after the gates are up, push them onto the pressure pads inside. Watch the flyby and get ready as four snakes try to bite Lara. Go N and jump up; place Scion Piece 1 (facing N). Go into the opening NE and straight ahead into the Trophy room (which is open if you got all three Secrets); gather a small medipack, Shotgun ammo, Uzi ammo and finally the Peru Trophy.

Go out and left to slide down to the next level.


6 -Sri Lanka -Trail of Power-

3 secrets

Shoot the boxes on the left and right ledges to get 2x Revolver ammo and another Revolver. Get a Diary Update with your new location and level objectives. Note that Lara is now carrying Scion Piece 2 in her inventory. Go up some steps and up a ramp, turn around and climb the ladder. Once up go a few steps forward and just around the corner climb up W. Jump up higher to the left, and shoot the Leaf Monkeys. Go S, shoot the box and get the extra Laser Sight. Lara stares at a place E. Go back N and look up E and a bit to the left; shoot that lion statue there. Go back where the Lasersight was, to the E the ground opened up, use the wheel switch there. Watch the flyby and get out and back to the path below. When you hit a wall S, turn around and go to the NE over the grassy ledge with some boulders, jump into the hole (NE) and use the wheel switch there. Jump out and go S and just follow the path up. Go through the open gate, kill a tiger and come to a pool area surrounded by walls.

The Pool Courtyard.

Go to the far NW alcove and pull out the ring lever there (lowers a block in the pool). In the pool you can now see an underwater door S, pull it open, get some air first. Then dive down and in and follow the tunnels. In a big underwater room swim NW and up and pull the underwater ceiling lever. Swim E and up and surface in a pool to get some air.

The Temple.

In the pool NE is Shotgun ammo. Climb out N, go into the passage NE and find Shotgun ammo, go back and into a passage NW, at the end is a ladder. On the roof is a Large Medipack. Be sure to have enough health and go to the E wall next to that block on the corner. Jump to grab the corroded rim on the E wall and traverse right, drop and pull the jump lever. The door in the temple is open. Use the Timed wheel switch left, the door behind you opens up for a while.

The Shotgun.

Roll and sprint down the passage into the large hall. On the other side is a Royal Guard and he leaves the Shotgun behind. Shoot the lion statue NE for a Large Medipack, the one in the SE corner hides Shotgun ammo.

The Elephants.

Downstairs roam some War Elephants with one Royal Guard. You can shoot the elephants from up here if you want (best from standing at the gap in the middle of the floor.

****Secret Hunt

The S wall has a grate, just above the gap in the floor; shoot it. Get into the opening, crawl through and grab Secret #1, the Bronze Artefact and a Large Medipack SW. Get back out, safety drop to the floor.


The 4 Gold Coins.

Safety drop to the ground floor. On the S wall is a Timed ring-pull lever; this opens the door N. Avoid the barrels and get the First Gold Coin from a pedestal NW. Then go pull the Timed lever NE. Go to the S and climb the ladder, and you are back on the first floor.

Go W and on the wall on the right, between the second and third pillar, is another ring-pull lever. Pull it, go W, jump to and get down the ladder there and into the opening in the floor to the right. You’ll get the Second Gold Coin. Up to the ground floor and go SE to the middle part of this room and find a crawlspace behind a pillar (just to the left of the first timed lever). Sprint through this small passage to avoid a spike trap, don’t step on the higher floor in the next room, but only take the Third Cold Coin that is in the far corner SW (green light). Go out, side-flip over the spikes, crawl back out to the ground floor. Head to the ladder NW and back-flip onto the first floor. Go the far E end of the room and the second pillar from the right, hang from the edge of the block and use the jump lever. The trapdoor in the SE corner opens up, get down and get the Fourth Gold Coin.

A Gate Key.

Place all coins at the E wall receptacles, the gate in the middle of the E wall opens; grab the Gate Key. Make your way upstairs via the ladder NW, go out the open gate W, follow to the pool and get in the water to swim back (W) to the Courtyard. Behind the bushes NE is a small medipack. Go W and to the right of the ramp is the Keyhole. Use the Key, up the ramp through the gate.

The Temple Courtyard, a Prayer Wheel.

In the far away NW corner you can find Revolver ammo. There are three monkeys roaming around the courtyard, shoot them. Around the corner from the entrance where you came in, left (S wall) is a Timed ring-pull lever. This one opens the door on the right of Lara, sprint there and arm yourself, as a Tiger will attack. Get down some steps to get a Prayer Wheel. SW is another Timed ring-pull lever to open the door again. Go to the sandy pit, face that round table object W and pull to reveal a tunnel below. Climb down and get the Flares at the bottom, climb up a bit and back-flip into a passage, follow in and you’ll see a sign “please dispose of unwanted torches here”, follow through.

The Torch, the Gate Key and the Yang Piece.

In the room is a ring-pull lever on the N wall, this opens a door in the W wall of the next section, enter there. There are 3 doors and two wheel switches. Use the N one; there is a Torch in here. Get it; go back to the room with the Gold Statue and out E to the passage. Take a right and ignite the Torch at the candleholder in the end. Turn around and go back to the room with the Gold Statue (second left). Use the W wheel switch; take the Torch in and side jump over the railing to set the two candleholders on fire. Drop the Torch, go into the new opening S. Get the Gate Key and the Yang Piece, pickup your torch and leave. Go E through the room with the Gold Statue and out E to the passage, disposing of your torch in the shallow water pit as it no longer required. (author note: It is important that you do this as you may otherwise encounter a flame bug caused by the torch).

****Secret Hunt

Take a right, back to the candleholder (where you ignited the Torch). A block lowered behind it. Climb up to the right and turn the wheel switch. Go back to the room with the Gold Statue. A gate opened S, go in to get Secret #2, the Silver Artefact. Go out and back E to the passage.


Go N and climb up the ladder to the Temple Courtyard and on the W wall is a keyhole to open the gate next to it and follow the passage down.

Buddha Courtyard.

Two Tigers roam around; take care of them. Go back into the entrance passage SE, climb up N near the corner and shoot the grate there, crawl in and down at the end. Use the jump lever behind the pole N to flood the pool outside, crawl out and go find a small medipack at the N wall. Some Revolver ammo is hidden SW behind a tree. Now go to the pool and jump in, find and use the underwater ceiling lever E to open a gate in the tunnel below. Then go up for air and swim through the opening in the floor. Watch out for the moving barrel and the strong water current, and swim around the right side, straight and up. Climb out and the doors N opens up when you approach.

The Royal Horseman, a Gate Key and the Yin Piece.

Enter the Pavilion courtyard and battle the Royal guard on the horse. Shoot him with the revolver or pistols first till he drops from the horse and switch to pistols hopping backwards. The Guard leaves behind a Gate Key (you might have to search for it a bit). Go to the W and use the Key left, back-flip on the slope inside and grab the edge, get the Yin Piece and you hear a gate opening up S.

Go in and shoot the lion statue to the left for a Large Medipack. Go further and jump NE onto the roof, in the far away corner SE is a Large Medipack, Shoot the Leaf Monkey as you go, then head NE to a jump lever and a door. Go in and around the corner get ready for a sprint over a spike trap and next two nasty moving blades. Just after the spike trap there is a ring-pull lever on the wall on the left (S) to open the door to the courtyard at the far end of the passageway. Go and avoid the blades and follow through and jump to the roof of the pavilion. Lower yourself to the ground floor, go out S and in the water to swim back to the pool. There is a very, very strong current, get out of the pool E or by using the ladder W.

Back to the Temple Courtyard.

Go SE and exit there, back up the steps to the Temple Courtyard. Go up the stairs N and combine the Yin with the Yang and use the Yin Yang Symbol to the right of the door. Enter and go N and lower yourself down NW into the room below, down the stairs E or W and place the Prayer Wheel in the N side of the room. A stone lowers to your right, go towards the circular knives that will come closer and side-flip through them. To the right, SW is a small medipack, to the E is a wheel switch. Go back out; hop through the circular knives and into the opening N.

Push Puzzle, Flood the Room.

On the ground floor in the E and W are pushable blocks. Push them on the marked tiles N, they both open a door in the N wall, use the wheel switches inside. Watch the flyby, an ancient machine comes to life and the room will be transformed to a series of flowing water cascades. Go to the W where that block went up to climb into the opening there, follow through and jump the pillars with the emitters to the E side. In the corners you are quite safe. Avoid the moving blades. The door opens up, go down to the next room. Up left and right are 2 boulders, push them down. Notice the still closed Trophy room S. Pushing the boulders lowered a wall E, so go in and some steps will rise. Go up but wait, SAVE and have a look around before climbing down into the Shiva Room. (As security, do not erase over this save until you have defeated the Shiva’s and picked up both Yin Yang puzzle parts as there is a slim chance that the Shiva carrying one part might accidentally drop it in a blade. In this case you would need to reload before the Shiva’s death).

The Shiva Room.

Jump N to the green looking floor (the grated floor is deadly), get the Shotgun ammo there, when you jump to the E, the two Golden Shiva’s will awake, shoot them whilst avoiding the deadly rotating blades, one of them will drop a Yin Yang Piece. I went to the E side of the room and backed up to the wall. Sometimes the Shiva got stuck in the wall, making it easier to deal with (author note: You will also find that the Shiva's have different AI and thus require slightly different strategies to defeat them. One enemy tends to have an offensive attack whereas the other is defensive). Get the Large Medipack in the middle of the room, you cannot get the Yin and Yang piece yet as the floor is deadly (depending on where they went down).

The block with the Gold Statue at the N wall has a jump lever you cannot reach yet, so go get more Shotgun ammo in the SE corner. Then turn around N and spot another jump lever near that white lattice cage. A running jump (no CtrL) and use this lever first, then go N to the other lever, jump up to grab the edge of the block and shimmy around, now pull the lever, the floor is safe now and the blades have stopped. Get the two pieces for the Yin Yang Symbol, one on the grated floor NE and one where the Shiva dropped, Combine the pieces and use it in the central alcove E.

-Easy way… Go pull the levers first then battle the Shiva’s-

Place the second Scion Piece, a block comes up so you can leave W.

****Secret Hunt

When you are back in the boulder room go to the gate S and stand jump from the small ramp to the NE, grab the ledge to get Secret #3, the Gold Artefact. Drop down and the gate S is now open, go get all the goodies and finally the Sri Lanka Trophy. Go out to the boulder room.

When you leave W you’ll get transported to the next level.

7 -Congo Mountains – Man or Beast 1-

3 secrets

The Machete.

Receive a diary Update with your location and level objectives. Note that Lara is carrying Scion Piece 3 in her inventory. Push the block on the right into the alcove S and use the lever behind it. A ceiling grate NE opens, climb up and first jump SE to crawl through for a Large Medipack. Jump back and jump over the knife. Shoot two Forest Tribesmen (one way up N), but stay clear of that plate in the middle of the room. Face N and then run onto the Bounce pad in the middle (keep Alt + forward key pressed), then when you get close to the opening release Alt and use Ctrl to grab the ledge and get the Machete (Crowbar).

A Magnetic Winch.

Face S and jump with Ctrl to the lower alcove and from there into the alcove NW. Use your Machete here to cut the vines, and then operate the lever. The door on top opens; so back to the floor and use the Bounce pad again and jump to the wooden platforms in front of the doors S to enter. Shoot the two Mandrills, go up and near a tree NE shoot two boxes for a Large Medipack and a Magnetic Winch.

The High Tension Rope.

Stand facing N and run onto the Bounce pad to end up on a wooden platform. Jump up NW and a (pixel perfect) jump/grab E and then to the S and climb up E, on the N side of this ledge is a small medipack. Go E into the passage, left at the end is a TIMED lever. This lever raises a block a bit back on the left. Sprint to the block and jump on top and jump immediately up to grab the monkey-climb and shift to the wall to use the jump lever there, a door opens NE of the timed lever. Go N and into the opening, hop down and go left around the corner for some Revolver ammo. Go to the N wall and shoot the crate, pick up the High Tension Rope. Combine it with the Winch and you have the Loaded Magnetic Winch.

Use the Winch, the Temple Door Key and a Torch.

Go to the E side of the room and to the crate standing at the E wall, face it S and use the Winch to pull a statue NE out of the wall. Go in behind it and go behind the pedestal, use the Machete on the vines and go into the room and just inside you can open the hatch in the ceiling (face S). Go up to get the Temple Door Key from the pedestal SE, once down go W and up to get Shotgun ammo and now go get the Torch from the pedestal. Go S and right; ignite the Torch on the wall torch halfway down this passage. Go E again and hop down to use the torch on the wall torches S, on the entrance ledge. A block NW lowers so you can use the key there. As you exit this area dispose of your torch in the shallow water pit in the alcove opposite the exit door. (author note: It is important that you do this as you may otherwise encounter a flame bug caused by the torch).

Spiked Pickup, another Temple Door Key.

Watch out for darts go left into a crawlspace for a small medipack and then jump over the next dart trap, follow through to a kind of hallway, go up the steps to the E wall and in the middle is a push block. Push it 4 times and then under the lever NE. Go in; for now you cannot get the pickups at the top of the stairs! Go to the dark block SW, pull/push it under the cross sign on the ceiling. Go to the SE corner into a crawlspace, grab the Temple Door Key from the pedestal and get out. Go out S, left to the push block under the lever and slide it back S where it came from as a new lever is exposed around the corner to the right. The Spike in the previous room will be de-activated. Go back and now you can get the other goodies, like a Large Medipack and more Uzi ammo. Go out S, through the passage at the push block and to the stairs N. On the left before the stairs is the keyhole. Go up the stairs and once outside, shoot a crate NE for Revolver ammo and a Large Medipack.

Pool with the Bridge, shoot the Grates.

Go to the water along the right hand ledge, look down SW and spot the 2 wooden grates, shoot them. Now go to the S side of the pool and jump up left (SE) and up again and find Flares there, jump down once, go S and up left is some Revolver ammo. Go to the bridge W and drop down the W side to a ledge below, go to the utmost NW point of that ledge and look to the NW, shoot that wooden grate underwater NW in the pool and another one under the platform NE to the left of the steps in the water.

The Two Chains.

Dive into the pool, swim into one of the openings S, pick up the small medipack in that first room, and then swim E, into a small tunnel E. Go low under the first Blade and high over the next. In the next room, left around the corner is a chain #1, pull it and swim back to the pool. Now swim NW, in to the back to pull chain #2 in the far corner to open an underwater gate for the secret area. Swim out, climb out at the stairs E and shoot the Forest Tribesman.

****Secret Hunt

Dive into the water again and swim into the opening NE, into the open door, swim up to the surface and then climb up the ladder, get the Uzis and 4x Uzi ammo and also Secret #1, the Silver Artefact (E) up on the pedestal there. Go back and climb out at the E stairs.


Timed Bridge Run.

Go up onto the N side ledge. Look W and spot a pole that appeared on the right (operated by the first pulley chain), hop to it and swing to the other side (release Ctrl and curve left), to land next to the pillar. Go NW, turn around and use the TIMED jump lever on that pillar (face E). The bridge will close so side-flip right, get back to the pole, swing over with a right hand curve and get to the S side. Jump onto the ledge, onto the block and onto the ledge at bridge level, quickly sprint over the bridge. Go into the passage ahead and on the left you can shoot the ball in that crawlspace. This lowers a wall in that crawlspace, but also further down in this passage. Proceed into this passage and shoot the crate NW for a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. Go W and shoot those wooden fences on the right, grab the small medipack and the Revolver ammo. Go back E in the passage and jump on the windowsill S (opposite where you got the shotgun) and ease your way through the window bars there (in the middle). On the N wall of that room is a jump lever. The door behind you opens.

Traps and a Push Block.

Go out to the terrace and W into the opened door, go N to the traps and stand facing NW, take a running jump onto the W ledge there over the W side knife. Pull the block (N) out once, climb down E, line up so you can side jump over the spike traps and then jump behind the block and push the block under that cross on the ceiling. This lowers the block S near the door. Jump down E again and then SE (or run-jump SE from the ledge and over the knife) and go to the lever in the corner near the door. Go outside and right and use the jump lever beyond where the wooden gate opened S to get out a pole up S near the start of the bridge. Go back up to the broken bridge and use the pole W and curve hard left to grab a slanted block so you can shimmy to a ledge. Go in, use the lever N, go further and kill the Forest Tribesman.

The Wooden Cog.

Jump on a block NW, SAVE and up the slope, use the monkey-climb to get into a crawlspace to the E, there’s a knife trap however, you’ll have to stop it in an open position to pass it. Use the down key while going forward and Lara will turn around. You’ll have to go back and fro on the monkey-climb to stop that knife in the “open” position. Get into the crawlspace E and get the Wooden Cog. Drop back out of the crawlspace and go to the SE corner.

The Wooden Hub.

Climb up the blocks, get the Flares, crawl through to the end and crawl out backwards, hang left and jump up to get to the monkey-climb (Ctrl + ALT), go around the corner into a crawlspace left. Get the Wooden Hub and get down. Go SE and Combine the Wooden Cog with the Wooden Hub and use the Wooden Cog Switch on that receptacle.

****Secret Hunt

Immediately roll jump onto the raising platform and wait until you can grab up W into the opening in the ceiling, get Secret #2, the Bronze Artefact and get back out to the ground floor.


Use the ladder N to climb into the pit, shimmy left around and back-flip to get the goodies on that ledge, 2x Uzi ammo and a small medipack. Back to the ladder and go one floor down. Stand on that ledge that is protruding out, face ESE and just run off the corner with Ctrl to land into that opening down E, use the lever. Back and take a running jump to the ladder; go up and the door E is open. Go in, follow through and come to a room with spikes.

Spike Room.

On the E wall are ladders, jump to the one E and traverse all the way to the right, avoiding the rotating walls with spikes. At the end get down and use the Timed jump lever up W. Turn a bit right as you land, back-flip onto the raised block and turn a bit more to the right to do a jump and grab N to the next block, use the lever there. You can go back via the ladders but if you are quick enough, hop back turning left and run-jump back to the S side. Use the jump lever again to get up to the open door S.

Mountain Gorillas.

There are two Mountain Gorillas and a Tribesman way up W, so get to it. SW is a wooden crate with Bazooka ammo underneath. Also SW, on the ledge and around to the right is a lever, this opens a door E. Save, as you have arrived at the jump room.

The Fire Gauntlet Room, the Temple Door Key.

As you enter the area a flyby gives you an indication of the path that lies ahead. Jump onto the slide E and jump to grab the ladder, shimmy left around the corner back-flip, jump forward and slide all the way down and jump on the next slide. Then jump right onto the slanted block, grab the edge. This is a nice place to save again. Pull up, back-flip/roll and Lara will bump her head, landing on the slope below, jump to grab the ladder climb up and shimmy right, over the flames. On the last ladder climb all the way up to grab the monkey-climb. Go almost to the other end. Turn right, let go, slide and jump to a ladder. Go left around the corner and up to the top, back-flip onto a block. You are safe here, look SE and spot the Secret up there. First jump to grab that upper platform N to get the Large Medipack. Run down onto the block again and jump to the walkway SW. Cut the vines with the machete and go in. In that room you can get the Temple Door Key from the pedestal.

****Secret Hunt

Save in front of the timed lever after you used it once and watched the flyby. Use the timed lever to raise a platform in front of the secret. A tight timed run - turning right out of the room around corner onto wooden walkway then run left and jump to grab the intermediate block, then run-jump to upper platform (where the Medipack was). Run and curve right do run-jump to platform that was raised by the lever and then onto Secret's platform. Get Secret #3, the Gold Artefact. Return with a running jump to intermediate block NW then back to wooden walkway.

Go back on the wooden walkway. You’ll have to go back the hard way because the door will not be open if you don’t. Grab up to the monkey-climb, go along the right hand wall and stop where that wall ends the trigger for that exit door is now right below you on the slanted block where the knife is moving. Go as far right as Lara will go (Shift+right arrow) and let go when that swinging hammer is close to you, once touching the silvery trigger tile, jump with a right curve and then jump with a left curve and jump to grab the wooden walkway and you can go back to the outside yard.

Use the Key SW and inside on the wall E you can use the machete on that small box on the floor. This opens a door outside W. Shoot the crates for Bazooka ammo and the Bazooka. Go into the open gate S (if you found all three secrets) and pick up all the Goodies and the Congo Trophy. Step back outside and into the open door on the ledge W.


8 -Congo Mountains – Man or Beast 2-

0 Secrets

Battle Kong.

As soon as you go in, a block will rise in the left corner, follow the passage and save at the lever in the next room. Using this lever opens the door in the passage but it is Timed. Once outside you’ll meet Kong and some tribesmen. Kong will kill the Tribesmen so let him do his job and then kill him. Best is to let him get close and shoot him from the front while you use a medipack or two. It is a hard fight though, however he can be killed with pistols. Alternatively, if this proves to be too hard, you may wish to make use of your newly acquired bazooka. When he is dead the door N opens to Kong’s sleeping pen. In the opened room in the back is a Large Medipack.

The Carved Stone Piece.

Go back again, but just before you go out of this room, there is a jump lever on the right (W) concealed by the hanging vines. Then kill a tribesman in the yard and the door S is open, up the ramp and straight in an opening where the block now lowered. Jump down and at the end go left and use the Machete on that Carved Stone Piece.

The High Tension Rope, Magnetic Winch and a Stone Base Plate.

Turn around and jump down, shoot the crates in this room to get the High Tension Rope and the Magnetic Winch. Go W and follow through and go all the way to the last room. Stand with your back to the pillar in the middle, face S and look up, grab the ladder there and back-flip onto the pillar. Get the Stone Base Plate. Combine it with the Carved Stone Piece to create the Stone Mechanism.

Disable the Spikes, the Temple Door Key.

Go back to the previous room and place this Stone Mechanism on the small hub on that block in the middle (face N). The wall W opens, push that pushable on every silver tile (4) on the floor to disable the rows of spikes.
Go to the back of that box (face E) and use the Loaded Magnetic Winch. Behind that large round object you pulled away from the wall is the Temple Door Key. Leave and go N to the room with the high block and use the Key there N. Get in, go left and shoot the tribesman, pick up a small medipack, Flares and Revolver ammo.

A Clue.

Light a Flare and read the wall inscription W.

2 balls go kaboom,

2 trees are good,

4 balls go kaboom,

Big kaboom.

Go E and left to a room with a closed door, keep going N into the next room and dive in the water. Swim N and find a ladder all the way in the back near the 4 skulls. Climb up; back-flip onto the ledge behind you. Go S and jump over and get that small medipack. On the W wall behind the skulls you can find Revolver ammo.

Pushables Puzzle.

In the SE corner is a TIMED trigger tile, this lowers a block on the far N ledge. But first we’re going to prepare the way. If you look left a bit you can see the push block on that central island. Push it E and then N 3 times. Your goal is to get it to the E side and then on that silver tile N. Stay on the island side and go to the N and then W on the corner is a jump lever, this lowers a block in the water W, swim in and pull the chain. Swim out and back to the ladder and back-flip to the island. Go E and now you can push that pushable over the water and against the block N. Run to the trigger tile and run back to quickly push the block to that silver tile.

The Amber Jewel.

A wall in the central structure lowers, go in to the NW corner hang and pull up and back-flip, grab the monkey-climb from the lower side of that pillar, go to the other side, open the ceiling hatch SE and climb up from facing N. Crawl W through the middle of the room, roll through the Spiked beams, grab the Amber Jewel and make your way back down. Swim back under the gate, get out and go S and place the Jewel next to the door W. In the passage, watch out for spikes and jump up N between the spikes and push the button. Jump out towards the open door to avoid the next set of spikes.

2 balls go kaboom.

There is a ball SW and up, shoot it and look for a ball NW and down under the building, shoot that as well. Four blocks in the passage behind you will go down.

2 trees are good.

Be careful, you can ONLY push two of the buttons, the ones with a tree sign under the button; use the side alcoves to jump over the spikes. A bridge will be formed.

4 balls go kaboom.

Now you can run to the suspended Temple. Go to the right (N) and right near the bridge look down. There is a jump lever there, use it. You’ll be taken back up on a moving platform, now go SW and now you can get onto on that wooden platform high up in the SW corner, hang facing W and use ALT to get to the monkey-climb and swing right around the corners to use the jump lever to release four Cover Plates. Go to the SE edge of the floor and spot a new ball (1), down below on that small island SE. From this same corner, look NE just under the bridge and the building you came from, is the next ball (2).Go to the N side, look E under the bridge again for the next ball (3). For the last one (4) climb on the N side railing of the bridge and look NNW and the last ball hangs way up on that tower.

After shooting it watch the impressive flyby and climb up that structure to place the last Scion on the pedestal facing S. Wait and the door W will open. Get the note and read it:

If you are reading this note, then your quest is complete.

Please accept this gift as a token of our eternal gratitude.

We rest for now in immortality.

Qualopec & Tihocan

Grab the Atlantean Gold Coinset and go through the opening N.

The Get Away.

Be sure to top up your health, go down the ladder (next part is a bit hard as the camera is fixed) and climb down till you see Lara hanging. Save and drop, jump a spike pit, jump over the knife, again Lara drops down, slide and back-flip over a boulder pit, another two back-flips over a couple of spike pits, then grab where Lara goes out of sight (don’t climb down but just hold Ctrl). Save and then drop onto another slide, when you are about one square before the spike pit another jump so you will land on the slide after that spike pit, almost immediately jump from the exact middle of that slide and grab up to the monkey-climb. Immediately start to go forward before the boulder hits you. Follow the monkey-climb and you’ve made your escape.

Sit back and relax as the End credits roll.